Anime ‘NieR: Automata Ver1.1a’ new visual & PV ‘Lily’ unveiled

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The popular action RPG, “NieR: Automata,” was released by Square Enix on February 23, 2017, and has sold over 7 million copies worldwide.

The new visual and character PV “Lily” of the animation “NieR: Automata Ver1.1a”, which will start broadcasting in January 2023, has been released.

Cast information is also released along with the visual & PV depicting the ground resistance android Lily. Atsumi Tanezaki, who plays the role of Lily, commented, “Among the cast members who have continued to appear in the game, I feel a sense of tension that I will be participating from this time on.

I will do my best, so those who know the work and those new to it can enjoy it.”

Visual 006: Lily

Promotion File 006: Lily

CAST comment

Atsumi Tanezaki (role of Lily)
I’m Atsumi Tanezaki, and I’ll be voicing Lily in the TV anime “NieR: Automata Ver1.1a”.

Among the cast members who have been appearing since the game, I feel a sense of tension that I will be participating from this time… Coupled with the story and the difficulty of the character Lily, I almost forget how to breathe every time.

I will do my best so that both those who know the work and those who touch it for the first time can enjoy it. Thank you very much.

Original STAFF: “NieR: Automata” (Square Enix)
Director: Ryoji Masuyama
Series Composition: Yoko Taro / Ryoji Masuyama
Character Design / General Drawing Director: Jun Nakai
Production: A-1 Pictures
Pod 042: Hiroki Yasumoto Pod 153: Kaoru Akiyama Adam: Daisuke Namikawa Eve: Tatsuhisa Suzuki Pascal: Aoi Yuki Commander: Chiaki Kano Operator 6O: Keiko Isobe Operator 21O: Mary Hatsumi Lily: Atsumi Tanezaki

Year 5012 AD. Mankind is in danger of extinction due to the sudden arrival of to the Earth and the they created.

A few humans who escaped to the moon began a counterattack operation using soldiers to recapture Earth.

However, the battle falls into a stalemate in front of that continue to multiply infinitely.

As the ultimate weapon, mankind dispatches a new android unit to Earth.

<2B>, newly dispatched to Earth, joins up with <9S>, an advanced investigator, and goes on a mission, but in the midst of that, he encounters several mysterious phenomena.

This is the story of a lifeless android who continues to fight for humanity.

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