‘Legend of the Galactic Heroes’ What is your favourite saying about ‘Walter von Schönkopp’? Introducing three lines!

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Yoshiki Tanaka’s novels “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” (commonly known as “Legend of the Galactic Heroes”) and “Walter von Schönkopp” appear in each anime work based on it were exiled to the Free Planets Alliance as a former imperial aristocrat. The origin of the clan, he is the 13th Regiment Commander of the “Rose Knight (Rosen Ritter) Regiment” of the Planetary Alliance.

He is a person who is extensively involved in the story, such as having the main task of hand-to-hand combat and contributing to the victory of the main characters Yang Wen-li and others many times. He is one of the most popular characters among his fans because of his fearlessness, fearless personality, and many wise sayings.

Therefore, this time, let’s pick up and introduce three lines from the many quotes of Shane Cop!

“Let’s say that I will do my best on this. For eternal peace.”
Shane Cop was entrusted with the most critical mission by Yang Wen-li, who took on the difficult task of capturing the impregnable fortress “Iselloan” possessed by the Empire. If he betrayed, the operation would be blisters, so Shane Copp wondered what he wanted from Yang.

Yang honestly admits that “perpetual peace has never existed in human history,” and he hopes for at most decades of peace. Satisfied with this answer, Schönkop went on a mission with this word. It may be omitted in some media, but it is an important line that is the first connection between Schönkop and Yang.

“This is not something you can call a battle, your Excellency. It’s a one-sided slaughter.”

A half-fleet of Yang who successfully arrived at Iselloan with the success of Rosen Ritter, such as Shane Copp. The Empire’s fleet attempts to recapture the Fortress of Iselloan with a salvo of all ship’s main guns, but it doesn’t hurt.

On the other hand, Yang counterattacks the Imperial Army using the fortress’s main gun, “Thor Hammer”, which has plagued the alliance. Thousands of Imperial battleships have disappeared in a single blow. When Shane Copp witnessed this, he gave up Yang with this word. Yang also advised the enemy fleet to surrender or flee, saying, “That’s right. We don’t have to do the bad mane of the Imperial Army.”

“Walter von Schönkopp, 37 years old, dying and leaving behind-I don’t need an inscription on my tombstone, only the tears of a beautiful woman, and my soul is at ease.”

Even after Yang’s death, Shane Copp supported his successor, Julian Mintz, in his hand-to-hand combat tactics. During the “Shiva Star Area Battle” between the Iserlohn Revolutionary Army and the Imperial Army’s main force, Shane Copp, who opened the bloodline of Julian heading for Reinhardt, was hit by a moment of caution received his battle-axe on his back.

This was a fatal injury, and Shane Cop finally closed his life of turmoil. It is this word that became his will of him. It is one of the most famous scenes in the Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which is suitable for a veteran hero.

So far, I have introduced three quotes from Shane Cop. He is often a Shane Cop who does not hesitate to act radically or speak, but he is as ironic as Yang, and many lines have eaten people. What is your favourite Shane Cop quote?

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