‘BASTARD !!’ Fans have been waiting for more than just animating ‘only one thing.’

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I’m surprised. “BASTARD‼ -The animation of “Dark Destruction God-” has been announced. “Rules of Immorality” was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, and I (Nakazawa) was fascinated by the beauty of the picture when I was in junior high school, so it was about 25 years ago.

Certainly, recently, I often dig up past manga works and see remakes, but by no means “BASTARD !!” ] Is coming. For me, who drew the genie Konron in a letter to my childhood friend who moved, it’s heart-warming.

However, when I found the word Bastard in Twitter Trends and clicked on it, I felt a bit complicated. That’s not what you’re waiting for!

I’m happy to animate
Of course, I’m looking forward to anime. It seems that I am pleased to guess from the character image of the author, Kazushi Hagiwara, which can be seen in the postscript of the comic, and since it is Netflix, it may still be regulated or better. The only concern is that I wouldn’t say I like full CG.

I think many fans like me thought that there was no choice but to do their best not to spoil the world of Bastard. and Yes, Bastard is still on the way. The latest 27 volumes were released in 2012, and we haven’t made any progress since then. It has been closed for a long time, even in Ultra Jump.

A story that does not connect
The most exciting volume is about 14 to 19 volumes, which depicts the battle of the Ark, but the ark edition is not over yet. At the climax, the story flies after the crash of Ark. I thought that I would be connected someday, but I would like to tell myself at that time. “It’s not connected yet after 25 years.”

I think that many people were shaken off like the runaway ark here, and maybe Kazushi Hagiwara himself was also shaken off, but I would like to shout. The latest issue of “BASTARD !!” is the most interesting.

It seems that the destination will be decided
The proof is that Volume 27 will finally lead to Ark. In the notice at the end of Volume 26, “Finally the missing ark-I’m planning to complement the hell edition !!!” or “Yoko, the four heavenly kings, and the samurai warriors left in the flying city < Ark> on the verge of crashing. And with the insulting phrase “What is the fate of the Demon Warrior General !!?”, A new chapter “, The Number of the Beast”, has begun.

Volume 27 does not reach the story of the Ark!!!!

Lie … It’s been ten years since that shock. The development was decided at the end of Volume 26, but I never thought it would be so jarring. At the beginning of a new chapter …! Hagiwara !!

What to expect from anime
Of course, I want the teacher to take good care of his body. Therefore, as long as you draw everything before you die, I’ll be waiting with an OK attitude …

Perhaps he may be thinking, “No one is expecting it anymore,” so let me tell you. “I’m still waiting.” I’m looking forward to the continuation with the heat of the day after the 27th volume was released, Hagiwara !!!

By the way, if you look at Kazushi Hagiwara’s Twitter account (@ v007hag), the profile says: “I draw manga, design something, and draw illustrations. I also started writing light novels.” I started writing light novels …!

However, I hope that I will not lose my motivation to create. I can’t help but hope that the anime will inspire me to continue drawing.

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