Love adventure ‘Collar x Malice’ chasing violent incidents with former police officers Released in theater animation 23 years

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It was announced that the romance adventure game “Collar x Malice” will be made into a theatrical animation and released in 2023. In addition, an illustration was drawn by Mai Hanamura, who is in charge of character design for the original game, and a unique promotional video has been released.

The original is a PlayStation Vita software developed by Idea Factory and released by Otomate in 2016. In Shinjuku, where the series of violent incidents “X-Day Incident” casts a shadow, the main character, who works as a police officer, is attacked one night by someone and is put on a collar containing poison. Five men who once belonged to a police organization and are now pursuing violent crimes on their own appear. The hero removes the collar and begins an investigation with them to restore peace to Shinjuku. Seiichi Morita, Yuki Kaji, Soma Saito, Daisuke Namikawa, and Ryohei Kimura are in charge of the character voices. In 2020, it was ported to the Nintendo Switch, and in 2019, the first stage, “Collar x Malice -Okazaki Contract-” was performed and made into a series.

In the newly drawn illustration, Aiji Yanagi (CV: Morita), a former investigator of the Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division, who is thoughtful and has a strong sense of justice, is cut out holding a pistol. This image is also used in the promotional PV, which expresses the disturbing and beautiful worldview of the same work that unfolds in Shinjuku, where malice is stirring.

In addition, the cast, essential visual, first character optical, PV, etc. of the stage “Collar x Malice -Kageyuki Shiraishi-” will be performed at Kokumin Kyosai coop hall/space zero from December 22nd in Tokyo and will also be released. Was done.

Sho Tomita, who plays Aishi Yanagi. Yuta Iiyama, who plays Mineo Enomoto. Ryujiro Izaki, who plays Takeru Sasazuka. And Gaku Matsuda, who plays Kageyuki Shiraishi. Yuuho Matsui will play Kei Okazaki, and Youki Iwata will play Ichika Hoshino. Acceptance of the official advance lottery for tickets has also started. The price is 9000 yen.

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