Love flag avoidance romantic comedy ‘Romantic Killer’ will be distributed on Netflix on October 27, starring Rie Takahashi and Mikako Komatsu.

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Momosewatari’s romantic comedy manga ” Romantic Killer ” will be animated as a Netflix series, and it has been decided that exclusive worldwide distribution will start from October 27th. Rie Takahashi and Mikako Komatsu will perform, and anime singer Yurika will sing the opening theme song. A teaser PV has also been released.

The original, which won the 2nd Jump Vertical Scroll Manga Award Grand Prize, was serialized in Shueisha’s ‘Shonen Jump +’ from 2019 to 2020, and all four volumes are on sale (from Volume 2 onwards, only the e-book version). Kyoko Hoshino, a high school girl, caught up in a “project to deal with the declining birthrate problem” by Lili, a witch who suddenly appeared, draws a slapstick pattern that handsome men against her will force. After meeting Kyoko, who refuses to live like an otome game and struggles to avoid the establishment of a love flag, Tsukasa is in trouble because he is the most handsome boy in school and is too popular. The three people, Hijiri, who are rich and naive to the world, also change little by little.

Takahashi is in charge of the role of Kyoko, a “non-heroine attribute” who spends her days playing games without paying attention to fashion and love and boasts that “love is not everything.” Komatsu plays Lili, who doesn’t care about Kyoko’s feelings, confiscates her hobbies, and develops one after another like the heroine of a shoujo manga.

The teaser PV, unveiled for the first time, includes a part of the offensive and defensive battle between “JK who doesn’t want to fall in love” and “Magician who wants to fall in love” with voice. The sound source of Yurika’s opening theme song, “ROMA☆KiRA,” is also used.

The staff members who worked on ” Chubyo Gekihatsu Boy ” are reunited. Directed by Kazuya Ichikawa, Arisa Matsuura is in charge of character design, and Koyuri Oba, who participated in the script for the same work, is in charge of series composition. Domenica, headed by Director Ichikawa, will handle animation production.

The comments and illustrations by the original author, Mr. Momosewatari, are as follows.

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