Mai Shiraishi becomes a guest voice actor for Conan’s ‘Halloween Bride’ theatrical version! Russian challenge with the first dubbing

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It was announced that actress Mai Shiraishi would be the guest voice actor in the movie “Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween,” which is the 25th movie in the movie series of the popular anime “Detective Conan.” Shiraishi is her first voice actor in this film and challenging Russian dialogue.

A thug intrusion occurred at the wedding venue of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Detective Sato held in Shibuya, Tokyo, which is crowded with Halloween. At the same time, the criminal of the continuous bombing incident that occurred in the past escapes from prison. Rei Furuya (Toru Amuro) of the public security police hunts down the criminal, but suddenly a mysterious person appears, and a collar bomb is attached. While struggling to release the bomb, Conan hears from Amuro about the incident he encountered in Shibuya with his deceased police academy members and the costume bomber “Pramya” three years ago. Eventually, a disturbing shadow creeps on Conan and his friends as they investigate.

Shiraishi is in charge of Elenica Loverenchieva, a leader who unites a mysterious Russian unit that vows revenge on the bomber. She said, “I was worried because this was my first time doing dubbing, but it was fun! It was always dubbing in the same place where professionals were recording, so I was sowed—looking back on the recording.

She is also challenging Russian lines, and her skill is stamped by the staff saying, “Mr. Shiraishi has a good ear and was able to reproduce her model pronunciation just a few times.” About. The producers said that they emphasized “hidden strength” in selecting the role of Elenica, and “Mai Shiraishi’s core strength in a soft atmosphere is the decisive factor in casting. Voice actor’s first challenge Moreover, although there are many Russian words, he played Elenica with his excellent concentration and responsiveness. I think that Mai Shiraishi’s new side is expressed, so by all means at the theater. Please enjoy! “

Minami Takayama, Wakana Yamazaki, Rikiya Koyama, Toru Furuya and other regular voice actors participated in this work. The director is Susumu Mitsunaka, such as the anime “Haikyu !!”, the script is Takahiro Okura, such as “Detective Conan to Crimson Love Letter,” and the music is Yugo Kanno. The full text of Shiraishi’s comment is as follows. (Editorial department, Koichi Irikura)

The movie “Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween” will be released nationwide from April 15th.

Mai Shiraishi (role of Elenica Loverenchieva)
I was amazed to participate in the world of Conan, which I had been watching since I was little, but I was pleased! I thought it would be a wonderful memory in her life.

Elenica Loverenthewa, who I played, is the leader of the Russian unit, so she played with a solid female awareness. She is also challenging Russian, so please pay attention! It was my first time dubbing, so I was worried, but it was fun! I was sowed because it was dubbing in the same place where professionals were always recording.

This work is also a nice story, and I am very much looking forward to its completion as a viewer. I hope you will enjoy this work with various emotions and excitement!

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