Raising the problem contained in ‘Vampire in the Garden’ There is also a symbolic aspect of the animation industry

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Netflix’s original animation “Vampire in the Garden” was delivered on May 16th. This work is a completely new work by WIT STUDIO, director Ryoutarou Makihara (“Haru,” “The Empire of Corpses,” etc.), deputy director Hiroyuki Tanaka (“Attack on Titan,” etc.), character design & chief animation director Nishio Tetsuya (such as “NARUTO”) and the staff involved in the hit film were also gathering together, which attracted attention.

The stage is a specific winter era. Many things were suppressed by the war between humans and vampires that lasted for more than 100 years. Humans were constantly forced to live in poverty under the supervision of military personnel. Because the vampire loves art, she is the daughter of a commander who is disgusted with the world where she is not allowed to touch the art, and the main character, Momo, sheds tears alone. However, she meets Vampire Queen Fine in a forest, and she sets out on a journey to find a “paradise” where humans and vampires live together. According to Director Makihara, the location scouting destination is Kizhi Island, Republic of Karelia. The exotic atmosphere that drifts from work also plays a role in revitalizing the story.

In such a work, battle scenes between humans and vampires appear often. The human side uses weapons, and the vampire side uses medicines that enhance physical ability in exchange for extraordinary power and death, bleeding to protect themselves. When I see the situation, I wonder why bad things happen, such as arrogance, deception, and conflict. If I were put in this situation, I would take the same action to live, which is a beautiful thing. Still, considering the feelings of Momo and Fine, who gradually began to develop bonds similar to friendship, my heart Will hurt.

By knowing the background of such production, we can consider the work more deeply. In this way, not only can you watch the animation and think about what you think, but you can also say that this work is an animation that makes progress in considering the message contained in the work. For example, in the radio program “Netofuri Anime presents Hisanori Yoshida’s FUKABOLIX” (Nippon Broadcasting System) broadcast on May 16, Director Makihara talked about the fact that the world of the film was likened to the anime industry. .. In addition, he reflected in his youthful self, who wanted to deny the voices around him that he couldn’t eat in the anime industry, and in Fine, the persistent negative feelings he often visits at night. In addition, he also has the feeling of raising a problem against the tendency to be close to overwhelming justice.

Megumi Han is the voice of Momo, the main character of the film. She is a talented group who is active in famous works such as Gon Freecss of “HUNTER x HUNTER,” Rinko Yamato of “My Love Story !!”, and Momiji Sohma of “Fruit Basket.” Ban’s voice, which is pretty but feels the strength of her core, is perfect for Momo.

Yu Kobayashi is the voice of Vampire Queen Fine. She is also a famous voice actor who has appeared in hit works such as Sarutobi Ayame in “Gintama,” Sasha Blouse in “Attack on Titan,” and Charlotte Roseley in “Black Clover.” Although she is an innocent and cheerful character, she can be said to be Finne’s acting that makes her feel the darkness of her past.

In addition, Rika Fukami, known for the sailor Venus of “Sailor Moon” and dubbing of movies, Teppei Sugo of “PSYCHO-PASS,” and Hiroki Tochi, who is known for dubbing, will also appear. The story becomes thicker and more immersive by bringing these talented people to life.

“Season 1” was delivered on May 16th. First of all, why don’t you try to get into the unique worldview of all five episodes of Season 1? Also, pay attention to the ending that makes you feel the possibility of continuing to season 2 and season 3 in the future.

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