Manga Award 2022 is called ‘Darwin Incident’, The story of half-humans and chimpanzees facing human problems.

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“Darwin Incident” is a “human” drama in which non-human creatures deal with the problems that humans have, such as “terrorism” and “discrimination.” Pregnant female chimpanzees are protected when the terrorist organization “Animal Liberation Alliance (ALA)” attacks the Institute for Biological Sciences. Her birth was a half-human, half-chimpanzee “Human Gee” Charlie.

Charlie was raised by human parents for 15 years and entered high school, where he met Lucy, who had a clear mind but was ridiculed as a “shadow”. However, he is noticed by the terrorist group ALA, which advocates “opening up animals”. Serialization started in June 2020 in “Monthly Afternoon”.

On this day, the author, Mr Umezawa, was absent due to circumstances, and the editor in charge who attended read the letter and said, “Thank you for choosing this prestigious award. I want to honour. No way, the grand prize. I was shocked to be selected for this. I am proud that this is also due to my good luck. “

He continued, “This luck was blessed with many people such as the editor in charge and excellent drawing staff, but I have a lot of honor. I think that it is a manga that has the power to read, so I am dating. I am grateful to the readers. “

Regarding the backside of the production, the editor in charge explained, “If there was a creature between humans and chimpanzees at the time of the name, Charlie was born in the form it’s like this”. Although it is set in the United States, “Mr Umezawa has never been to the United States. She has never been abroad because she does not have a passport. The work deals with discrimination, burning, terrorism, etc. I wanted them to discuss it, and I thought writing in the United States would be more realistic, so I set it on the stage. “

The award was established in 2008 and is the 15th time this year. Among the works whose new books were released last year (January 1st to December 31st, 2021), the results with a maximum volume of 8 volumes are selected. One of the judges chose “5 works that I would recommend to people” and nominated the top 10 works (including the same ranking). Ninety-nine judges voted for 235 jobs in the first selection, and ten assigned results were announced in January this year. In the second selection, the judges read all the nominated works. The second selection was made, the first, second, and third places were selected, and after counting by the point system, one-piece was selected for the “Manga Award”.

Many of the award-winning and nominated works have been made into dramas and movies. The 2008 1st Grand Prize “Gaku” (Shinichi Ishizuka, Shogakukan) was made into a film starring Shun Oguri, and the 3rd “Thermae Romae” (Mari Yamazaki) was also made into a movie starring Hiroshi Abe. In addition, the 2012 Grand Prize “Silver Spoon” (Hiromu Arakawa) was animated in the late-night anime frame “Noitamina” of Fuji TV and made into a live-action movie starring Sexy Zone Kento Nakajima. How to Become ~” (Mitsuharu Yamamoto) was made into a film starring Yurina Hirate.

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