March’s new Pantasia song ‘Square Fate’ is on sale as part of the ED song for the TV anime ‘A Couple of Cuckoo.’

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Pantasia’s new song “Square Fate” in March has been decided as the ending theme for the TV Asahi TV anime “A Couple of Cuckoo,” which will start broadcasting on April 23.

Pantasia in March, a music unit by vocalist “Mia” fantasizes about the story of the end and the beginning. Currently, the second PV of “A Couple of Cuckoo,” where you can listen to a part of “Square Fate,” is on YouTube.

“A Couple of Cuckoo” is an animation based on the manga of the same name by Miki Yoshikawa. A love story that begins with a baby’s mix-up is drawn.

Mia (Pantasia in March)
The main character, Nagi, is clumsy but hardworking, and although he is blurry, he is casually kind. She is also a martial arts sect.
Indeed, such a boy seems to be chasing with my eyes before I realize it …!

I made a song about their sweetness and conflict while sympathizing with Erica, Hiro, Sachi, and the girls’ hearts. I hope you will love it, along with the anime and the original.

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