Misako Yasuda: A fan nailed to the smartphone sticker in the sexy back shot. “I feel a gap.”

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Talent Misako Yasuda (40) updated her Instagram on the 18th. She published a photo of her exercising, but she’s getting much attention from fans for the “surprising things” she sees.

Yasuda posted a photo of the wear used for training, saying, “The back of this wear is cute.” She spelled, “I loosened her shoulders !! Please take a look at Shin-chan on her cell phone. Lol,” and shyly about her smartphone with the sticker of her popular anime “Crayon Shin-chan.”

In addition to comments from fans on the back, “Enchanted by mom’s back,” “Beautiful back, sexy,” and “Very supple,” “Shin-chan feels cute,” and “Shin-chan on her cell phone! Many voices were received.

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