“Yuru Camp” Holy Land Tour! Stamp Rally. From November 26th at 28 spots along with NEXCO Central Japan

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NEXCO Central Japan will collaborate with the popular anime “Yuru Camp, “which depicts the daily life of high school girls enjoying the outdoors, such as camping, and will hold a stamp rally from November 26, 2021. There are 28 stamp rally checkpoints in Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, including the model site for the anime. During the same period, some SA / PA will start selling original goods and collaboration menus.

Pilgrimage to the sacred place at the stamp rally. 28 places, including Hottarakashi Onsen

The entire line was opened on August 29, 2021, and the Chubu Odan Expressway became a hot topic as the travel time from Yamanashi prefecture to Shizuoka prefecture was significantly shortened. Many “sacred places” appear in the popular anime “Yuru Camp” in the area along the road. “Yuru Camp” is a work in which high school girls who belong to the outdoor activity circle (in the future referred to as “Nokuru”) enjoy the laid-back daily life of camping and the outdoors. The detailed outdoor depictions are gaining popularity. This time, NEXCO Central Japan announced that it will hold a stamp rally from November 26 (Friday) to February 27 (Sunday) 2022 as a collaboration of the same work.

The checkpoints for the stamp rally are the following 28 locations, including the model sites and tourist attractions that set the stage for “Yuru Camp” in Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures.

Model site for the anime “Yuru Camp”

(1) Fuefukigawa Fruit Park, Yamanashi Prefecture
(2) Former lower elementary school / former lower junior high school
(3) Selva Minobu store
(4) Hottarakashi Onsen
(5) Villa rain field
(6) Shonin Street, Minobu Town
(7) Narada no Sato Onsen
(8) “Roadside Station” Asagiri Kogen
(9) Asagiri Kogen at the foot of Mt. Fuji Makai Ranch
(10) Mt. Fuji Hongu Asama Shrine (Fujinomiya City Tourist Information Center)
(11) Nodayama Health Green Park Fujikawa Campground

  • (1)-(7) are Yamanashi prefecture, (8)-(11) are Shizuoka prefecture

Recommended spot

(12) “Road Station” Minobu Fujikawa Tourist Center
(13) “Road Station” Nanbu
(14) Utsubuna Park
(15) Mitama no Yu
(16) Kuonji Temple in Minobu
(17) Shimobe Onsenkyo
(18) Nihondaira Yume Terrace
(19) Shizuoka Prefecture Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center
(20) New Inakogawa Onsen You Trio
(21) “Roadside Station” Fuji
(22) Shizuoka City Miho Matsubara Cultural Creation Center “Miho Shirube.”
(23) Shimizu Fish Market Riverside City

  • (12)-(17) is Yamanashi prefecture, (18)-(23) is Shizuoka prefecture


(24) Surugawan Numazu SA (upper and lower)
(25) Shimizu PA (Integration)
(26) Fujikawa SA (upper and lower)
(27) Futaba SA (bottom)
(28) “Michi-no-Eki” Fujikawa (Masuho PA (bottom))

  • (24)-(26) is Shizuoka prefecture, (27)-(28) is Yamanashi prefecture

Details of the stamp rally, such as information on participating in the app and a checkpoints map, will be released on the unique site scheduled to open on November 25. In addition, at the same event, a lottery will be held in which a total of 250 people who have collected stamps will win face towels and cushions with original illustrations printed on them.

Two collaboration menu items to enjoy at SA / PA
During the stamp rally, a “Yuru Camp” collaboration menu will be on sale as part of the SA / PA, also a checkpoint. There are two menu items, “fried ontama” and “mini tonkatsu stewed curry,” which appeared in episode 5 of Nokuru’s first winter camp. The former is also a specialty product of Hottarakashi Onsen. Still, according to NEXCO Central Japan, this is a menu for collaboration only, and it is different from the hot spring specialty “Onsen Fried.”

List of SA / PA for sale in “Yuru Camp ” collaboration menu

E1A Shin Tomei Expressway, Surugawan Numazu SA (upper and lower), Shimizu PA (upper and lower)
E1 Tomei Expressway / Fujikawa SA (upper and lower)
E20 Chuo Expressway Futaba SA (bottom)

“Yuru Camp” stamp rally where you can enjoy a driving trip while thoroughly enjoying the charm of the area where the animation was set. It is also held in good weather, so why not enjoy it when you go out?

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