‘Mob Psycho 100’ TV anime 3rd season character PV 3rd bullet is dimple exorcism high-ranking evil spirit

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The 3rd character PV of the 3rd term “Mob Psycho 100 III” of the TV anime “Mob Psycho 100”, which is based on the manga by ONE, known for “One Punch Man,” has been released on YouTube.

Ekubo, a high-ranking evil spirit who was about to be exorcised by a mob in the past has appeared. Ekubo had forgotten about his plan to use groups, but he remembered his ambitions when Shinju appeared in Seasoning Market.

“Mob Psycho 100” is a manga serialized in Shogakukan’s manga app “Manga One.”

The mob, who is not good at self-expression and has sealed his psychic powers, and the slapstick caused by bogus psychics, evil spirits, and mysterious organizations surrounding him are depicted.

The first season of the TV anime was broadcast from July to September 2016, and the second season from January to April 2019. It also became a hot topic that it was made into a live-action drama starring actor Tatsuomi Hamada. The third period will be broadcast sequentially on TOKYO MX and others from October 5th.

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