‘Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE’ MG Jing Radiator Heavy Armor, Land Warfare Specialized ‘Red Gladiator’ Receives Second Order to Prevent

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The plastic model “MG 1/100 Jing Radiator” (Bandai Spirits) of the Jing Radiator that appears in the garden “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE” of the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” has received a second order from Bandai’s official shopping site “Premium Bandai”. Started. The price is 6600 yen.

Three-dimensional “Red Gladiator” Jing Radiator specialises in heavy armour and land warfare. They are equipped with weapons designed by Junichi Akutsu, such as the Lichtschweat sword and the M67 Simia electromagnetic linear cannon. Like a gladiator’s helmet, each part’s head and armour are reproduced. The backpack with a large thruster and an electromagnetic linear cannon is equipped with multiple movable mechanisms, the electromagnetic linear cannon is movable, and the thruster cover is deployed.

A large body sword for crushing enemy positions, Richtschweat, a side skirt, an M68 Paldus triple short-range guided bullet launcher with a hovering system added to the missile pod, and a portable weapon for mobile suit battles, Beaks Dagger. It can be worn on the waist and is scheduled to be shipped in October.

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