All the contents of ‘ONE PIECE’ are gathered! The ‘ONE PIECE DAY’ distribution program will be distributed from 17:50 on July 22nd.

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The program “ONE PIECE DAY,” which is “dedicated to all” ONE PIECE “fans,” will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of “ONE PIECE” from 17:50 on July 22nd today.

“ONE PIECE DAY” is a worldwide simultaneous distribution program that combines all the contents of “ONE PIECE,” such as manga, anime, movies, and music. Today, July 22nd is the day when the serialization of the manga “ONE PIECE” started, and it has been established as “ONE PIECE Day” by the Japan Anniversary Association. It will be delivered on a memorable day for “ONE PIECE” fans. It will be done.

In today’s broadcast, which will be DAY1, a part of the world premiere of the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” to be held at Nippon Budokan will be broadcast live. On DAY2 on the 23rd, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the serialization of “ONE PIECE,” special projects and contents that disclose the latest information will be broadcast for about 5 hours.

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