Movie ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ exceeded 5.8 billion yen in revenue, exceeding the pace of revenue in ‘Shin Eva.’

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The latest box office revenue for the animated movie “Jujutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie,” released on December 24, 2021, has been announced. Audience mobilization of 4,314,027 people and box office revenue of 5,873,064,900 yen was recorded 11 days after the release. This figure recorded revenue of 10.22 billion yen last year, and the pace of revenue exceeds that of “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version,” which exceeded 4.9 billion yen in 14 days after its release.

In addition, Toho, who was distributed, explained that at the time of the stage greeting on the first day of “Theatrical Version Jujutsu Kaisen 0”, it was inevitable that the revenue would exceed 10 billion yen and that “the final result is unpredictable.”

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is based on the manga of the same name serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha). A dark fantasy that steps into the world of battle. TV animation was broadcast from October 2020 to March 2009 and gained popularity, and the cumulative circulation of the original manga has exceeded 60 million.

“Theatrical version of Jujutsu Kaisen 0” is the day before “Jujutsu Kaisen”. It is a movie adaptation of “Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic” drawn by Mr. Gege Akutami as a short-term intensive serialization before the serialization of the original manga that I did. It was also made into a book as “Volume 0”, and it is an episode with very high support from fans, such as recording a big hit that is unusual for a single volume comic.

Yuta Otobone, the movie’s main character, lost her childhood friend Rika, who had made a promise to marry her, in front of her in a car accident when she was a child and was obsessed with her. Rika, who became her curse, injures the humans around Otsubone with her enormous power. Although he has lived away from relationships with people, he vows to break the curse of his “loved one” when he meets Satoru Gojo, a teacher at the Magic College. The story of the origin of “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “The story of love and curse” is drawn in the movie.

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