Anime ‘SLAM DUNK (Slam Dunk)’ Theme Song Popularity Ranking! Where is that famous song?

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“SLAM DUNK” is a popular basketball-themed comic by Takehiko Inoue that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) for about six years from 1990.

From October 1993 to March 1996, a TV anime was broadcast on TV Asahi and is said to be the work that triggered the popularity of basketball in Japan. It is also known that many quotes appear in work.

On December 3, 2022, the long-awaited release of the latest theatrical animation, “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK,” will be released, and there are great expectations.

So, this time, we asked 505 male and female members of Mynavi News to hear their favorite songs from the six theme songs of the anime “SLAM DUNK.”

Anime “SLAM DUNK (Slam Dunk)” past theme song popularity ranking!

A questionnaire survey was conducted on Mynavi News members to find out which theme songs of the anime “SLAM DUNK” are their favorite. The ranking was as follows.

1st place [Ending song] WANDS “Until the world ends…” (28.2%)
2nd place [Opening song] BAAD “Kimi ga suki to yellitai” (25.6%)
3rd place [Ending song] Maki Oguro “You only” Mitsuteru” (16.5%)
4th place [Ending song] ZARD “My Friend” (15.1%)
5th place [Opening song] ZYYG “Absolutely nobody” (4.3%)
6th place [Ending song] MANISH “Kirameku Moment ni Caught” (2.8%)

  1. [Ending song] WANDS “Sekai ga Owaruma wa…” (28.2%)

The number one song was “Until the end of the world…” by the rock band WANDS, released in June 1994. This song was used as the second ending theme song from the start of the TV anime broadcast.

Noboru Uesugi, who has been vocal since his debut, is in charge of the lyrics. After that, Uesugi left the band. Currently, WANDS continues to be active as a duo unit with Daishi Uehara on vocals and Hiroshi Shibasaki, who has been a member since their debut, on guitar.

On August 23, 2022, the self-cover “Until the world ends… [WANDS 5th ver.]” will be released.

User comment
“This song must be number one” (68-year-old male)

“A masterpiece. and Slam Dunk, but the melody and lyrics match perfectly, making it a masterpiece that excites you.” (49-year-old male)

“My favorite ballad among WANDS songs. I especially like the chorus.” (40-year-old female)

“After watching the anime, this song gave me a sense of fulfillment.” (40-year-old male)

  1. [Opening song] BAAD “Kimi ga suki to yellitai” (25.6%)

Rock band BAAD’s “Kimi ga suki to yakutaitai” ranked second. This was the opening theme song for the early days of TV anime broadcasting.

It has a refreshing melody suitable for the opening, and the lyric, which has the chorus of the song title as it is, is a song that evokes the image of the pure love and passion of the main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi.

User comment
“A song that makes you feel energetic. The melody with a good rhythm is also like Hanamichi Sakuragi” (34-year-old male)

“It has a sense of rhythm, and I like it” (34-year-old female)

“I think this song was the best match for the manga.” (41-year-old female)

“I used to watch anime when I was little, and when I heard SLAM DUNK, I heard this song.” (40-year-old male)

“When I listen to this song, an image of Hanamichi spinning a ball comes to mind. Come” (40-year-old male)

  1. [Ending song] Maki Ohguro “I’m looking at you only” (16.5%)
    Maki Ohguro’s million-selling song “Anata Dake Miteru.” Released in December 1993, this song was used as the ending theme song in the early days of TV anime broadcasting.

In the comments, there were many voices, such as “a classic karaoke song” and “Maki Ohguro’s singing voice is perfect for the image of the work.”

User comment
“A melody that makes you feel youthful. Even now, when it’s played on the radio, I can’t help but sing it.” Kara” (37-year-old female)

“The theme song was a perfect match for the anime. Maki Ohguro’s powerful singing voice was perfect for the image of the main characters.” (50-year-old male)

“Maki Ohguro’s big hit song. I am very impressed.” (58-year-old male)

  1. [Ending song] ZARD “My Friend” (15.1%)

ZARD’s “My Friend,” which recorded a million-seller. It is the 17th single of ZARD released in 1996, and the ending theme song will be the 4th song from the start of TV animation broadcasting.

Originally released as an 8cm CD, “My Friend” will be digitally remastered in 2020 to mark the 30th anniversary of ZARD’s debut. In addition, the jacket photo has been re-released as a 12cm maxi size.

User comment
“The transparent singing voice was perfect for the image of youth sports anime” (43-year-old male)

“I think the lyrics match the anime” (60-year-old female)

“I like all the songs. I think this song fits the anime the most. It’s exhilarating, and I like it.” (39-year-old male)

“My father liked Slam Dunk and ZARD, and I remember watching them on TV long ago.” 36-year-old male)

  1. [Opening song] ZYYG “Absolutely everyone” (4.3%)

“Zettai ni anyone,” sung by rock band ZYYG. Released in 1995, this song was used as the opening theme song for the anime’s second season.

The lyrics of the chorus, which begins with the phrase “Absolutely everyone,” which is also the song’s title, are linked to the characters in the anime who are enthusiastic about basketball. Many people say that the theme song gave them courage. It is not it.

User comment
“The lyrics and the story matched” (36-year-old male)

“The scene in which Hanamichi Sakuragi decides to dunk at the end of the opening was impressive, and it matched the melody” (35-year-old male)

“Especially A song that left an impression” (50-year-old male)

6th place [Ending song] MANISH “Captured by the glittering moment” (2.8%)

And the 6th place was “Captured by the glittering moment” sung by the female duo unit MANISH. The ending theme song, the third song from the start of the TV anime broadcast, is an impressive song with punchy and powerful vocals.

User comment
“It’s a memorable song. It reminds me of those days” (47-year-old male)

“I listened to it again recently and thought it was good” (31-year-old male)

“I was a fan of Mannish. This ending song is I like the aggressive message that even if you make a mistake if you accept it firmly and become positive, you can move on to the next step.” (70-year-old male)

What is your favorite past theme song for the anime “SLAM DUNK”?
This time, we introduced all six theme songs of the anime “SLAM DUNK” in ranking format.

For those who watched the anime in real time, it must have been all songs that brought back memories of those days, even in the comments received in the questionnaire, much-voiced nostalgia for the 90s when anime was broadcast.

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