Movie Mobilization Ranking: ‘Super Mario’ V3 Exceeds 8 Billion Yen at the Box Office

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In the latest national movie mobilization top 10 rankings (three-day tally from May 12th to 14th, researched by Koko News), “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” remained number one for three consecutive weeks.

The results for the three days mobilized 721,000 people, and the box office revenue was 1,068 million yen. The cumulative effects mobilized 5.69 million people, and the box office revenue exceeded 8 billion yen.

It exceeded 1.2 billion dollars (160 billion yen) worldwide, setting a new cumulative box office record for illumination works in Japan and worldwide.

“Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow (Submarine)” mobilized 337,000 people in 3 days on the weekend, box office revenue of 499 million yen, cumulative results mobilized 7,830,000 people, and box office revenue exceeded 11.1 billion yen.

“Theatrical version TOKYO MER-running emergency room-” recorded 236,000 people and 324 million yen in box office revenue in 3 weekends. Cumulative results have mobilized 2.29 million people, box office revenue has exceeded 3 billion yen, and it has become No. 1 among live-action movies released this year. In response to this hit, on June 2nd, it was decided to hold a “vocal support screening” at Yokohama Burg 13, which has the most significant mobilizations of this work among movie theaters nationwide.

In the new work, the animation “PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE theatrical version,” which depicts the near future where people’s psychological states are quantified and managed to maintain public order, first appeared in 4th place.

This is the latest culmination of the series, which celebrated its 10th anniversary since the start of TV animation broadcasting. The director is Naoyoshi Shiotani, and the voice cast includes Kana Hanazawa, Tomokazu Seki, Kenji Nojima, and others.

In ninth place, Ryuho Okawa, a religious scholar, planned and wrote the original story, “Let It Be ~Scary Things are still scary~ (Dream Judgment and Horror Experience 2),” which appeared for the first time. It is a sequel to the psychic horror experience movie “Dream Judgment and Towards Horror Experience,” released in 2021. It is made into a live-action film based on five actual psychic horror experiences directed by Takayuki Okutsu, as in the previous movie, starring Ryo Aoki, Mei Yamagishi, Nao Hasegawa, and others.

In 10th place, “Otona Najimi,” a live-action adaptation of the popular romantic comedy manga by Aya Nakahara, starring Mizuki Inoue (HiHi Jets/Johnny’s Jr.) and Rinka Kumada, ranked in.

The story of Haru Aoyama, a very disappointing boy who grew up as an “old friend,” and Kaede Kagaya, a young woman who has always had feelings for Haru. Toshihisa Hagiwara plays Iori Hasumi, a super-cool boy who secretly feels for Kaede. Rina Asakawa plays Mio Odomori, a popular girl who watches over them. Directed by Hiroto Takahashi (* High = Ladder), such as “It’s because of you that my heart beats.”

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