“Fruva” The Final Episode 11 Looking back on the moving scene

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An additional scene cut has arrived from the 11th episode of the TV anime ” Fruit Basket ” The Final, which is being broadcast from April 5th.

“Fruit Basket” (Original by Natsuki Takaya ) was published in ” Hana to Yume ” (Hakusensha), 1998-2006. A popular shojo manga serialized up to. The cumulative circulation of comics worldwide has exceeded 30 million (23 volumes of comics and 12 volumes of favorite editions), and it was made into a TV animation in 2001 (26 episodes broadcast). In 2009, it was staged. Even now, more than 15 years after the serialization ended, it is still a work that is still very popular. And from April 2019, it will be fully animated by new staff & cast, the 1st season will be broadcast from April to September 2019, and the 2nd season will be the first animated story from April to September 2020. From April 2021, the final chapter, The Final, is being broadcast on TV TOKYO and others. The story that carefully depicts the conflicts and worries of each character and the unique worldview has received overwhelming support from a wide range of people. In the 11th episode “Goodbye”, which was broadcast on TV TOKYO and others from 1:30 on Monday, June 14, the curse of the zodiac was finally lifted. Kyo Soma (CV: Yuma Uchida ) tells her that she wants to live with Tohru Honda (CV: Manaka Iwami )). Toru is next to me and tears as if I can hold hands. The two kissed each other for the second time and hugged each other, but they realized that the curse had finally been lifted without transforming into a monster. The TV anime “Fruit Basket” The Final has 13 episodes. I would like you to see this work, which has only two episodes left, until the end. (C) Natsuki Takaya / Hakusensha / Fruit Basket Production Committee.

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