Mr. Tsunezō Murotani died, 87 years old ‘The teacher’s history manga made me a history lover’ mourning voice.

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Mr. Tsunezō Murotani died, 87 years old “The teacher’s history manga made me a history lover” mourning voice.

On January 25, 2022, it was revealed that the manga artist Tsunezō Murotani (real name: Tsunezo Murotani) had died on November 22, 2021. He is 87 years old. J Comic Terrace (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which operates “Manga Library Z” that posted his past works, announced.

He is known for his diverse styles, from gag manga to horror manga, and has worked on much history-learning manga, especially since the 1970s.

Works such as “Fight !! Pyuta”

He was born in 1934. He made his debut in 1953 with “Japanese History Manpo” published in the “Mainichi Junior High School Newspaper.”

From the 1950s to the 1960s, he worked on many gag manga in boys’ magazines such as “Pikadon-kun” and “Wanpaku Tarbo” and became the original work of the TV anime “Fight !! Pyuta” (1968). ], Etc., also produced animated works. Even in the horror comics genre, there are works such as “Hell-kun.”

He is also known for working on many learning mangas for children, and in particular, he wrote about “Gakken Manga Japanese History,” “Gakken Manga World History,” and “Gakken Manga People Japanese History.” In “History of Japanese People,” people’s lives such as Himiko, Date Masamune, and Ryoma Sakamoto are vividly depicted.

In recent years, the learning mentioned above manga has been converted into electronic books, and works from the 1950s and 1960s have been released online on the manga site “Manga Library Z.”

“I was able to abandon Fujiko F-sensei as’Fujimoto’.”
According to J-Comi Terrace’s announcement, he has been resting at his home in recent years, and on November 22, 2021, he “departed quietly under the watchful eye of his family.” Businesses such as preserving original drawings, which J-Comi Terrace had already started, will continue in the future.

Ken Akamatsu, chairman of J-Comic Terrace and a manga artist, tweeted on the 25th.

“Mr. Tsunezō Murotani, a legendary cartoonist who was able to abandon Mr. Fujiko F as” Fujimoto, “has passed away. I pray for your souls.”

On Twitter, “Most of my knowledge of Japanese history is a learning manga drawn by Tsunezō Murotani.” “I’m Masamune Date and Genghis Khan, the image of Tsunezō Murotani’s manga … The teacher’s history manga made me grow up to be a history lover, “and there are mourning voices, especially among those who are familiar with history learning manga.

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