‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘SHAMAN KING’ are different collaborations!

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A collaboration between the Hollywood movie “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” released on February 4th (Friday), and the national super popular anime “SHAMAN KING”! [Special collaboration video] with the participation of gorgeous voice actors has been lifted.

The movie “Ghostbusters” was released in 1984 and became a big hit worldwide. After its release, the No Ghost mark became famous and became merchandise, and the theme song was a hit chart every day, causing a social phenomenon. Furthermore, in 1989, “Ghostbusters 2” was released. The orthodox sequel “Ghostbusters / Afterlife” will be released at movie theaters nationwide on February 4th (Friday).

This time, a collaboration between the movie “Ghostbusters / Afterlife” that exterminates ghosts and the popular TV anime “SHAMAN KING” that depicts the confrontation between shamans (psychics) who can interact with ghosts (spirits) has been realized! The ban has been lifted on a particular video in which the characters of “SHAMAN KING” are watching the video of “Ghostbusters / Afterlife,” and a ridiculous development occurs.

In the video, Yoko Hikasa (role of Yoh Asakura), Katsuyuki Konishi (role of Amidamaru), Inuko Inuyama (role of Manta Oyamada), Megumi Hayashihara (role of Anna Kyoyama), and Rumi Park (role of Doren) who are the voices of the characters of “SHAMAN KING”. The gorgeous voice actors of Minami Takayama (role) and Minami Takayama (role of Hao) participated in an entirely new dubbing. Minami Takayama, Romi Park, and Yoko Hikasa have also appeared in the movie “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” as Japanese voice actors. They are based on the Hollywood movie in which “Ghost” appears and the popular anime representing Japan. It is a collaboration of different.

Also, there are other big things in common between the two works. The first “Ghostbusters” was released in 1984, and after 30 years, the orthodox sequel “Ghostbusters / Afterlife” will be released, but Hiroyuki Takei’s “SHAMAN KING” will also be serialized from 1998. After the start, it was made into a TV animation for the first time in 2001. And last year, after 20 years, it was newly animated again.

The most robust collaboration between the two works, loved by many generations and passed down to the new generation, is a hot topic!

Enjoy the unique collaboration between “Ghostbusters” and the TV anime “SHAMAN KING,” the hottest topic this winter!

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