Scene photos of new characters from the animated movie ‘ Addams Family 2’

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The second movie version of the world-famous series “Adams Family,” “Adams Family 2 Traveling Across America!” (Released on January 28), the scene photos of the new character scientist Cyrus Strange, the lawyer Mustela under Cyrus’s minions, and Osilia, the daughter of Cyrus, have been lifted.

In this film, Gomez, worried about his eldest daughter Wednesday, an adolescent who does not show up at the family table, takes his wife Morticia, Wednesday, Pagsley, Uncle Fester, Butler Larch, Hand, and Pet Kitty to the family. To make a driving trip to deepen the bond between the two. What happened to the Adams family, who stopped by some of America’s leading tourist attractions such as Niagara Falls, Miami Beach, and the Grand Canyon, and caused a tumultuous uproar !?

The additional scene photos that have been lifted are three points: Cyrus Strange, who stands on Wednesday at the research facility, Mustela, who appeals for something with a frown, and Osilia, who talks to Wednesday. How will these new characters, as unique as the Adams family, stir up the story and create turmoil in the Adams family’s family trip?

In the dubbed version, Toshiyuki Morikawa will play the role of Cyrus Strange, Yohei Tadano will play the role of Mustela, and Miki Narahashi will play the role of Osilia.

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