‘My Happy Marriage’ will be animated. The appearance will be Reina Ueda, and Kaito Ishikawa PV will also be released.

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It has been decided that the novel “My Happy Marriage”, which has exceeded 4 million copies in total, will be animated. The cast was also announced, with Reina Ueda (role of Miyo Saimori) and Kaito Ishikawa (part of Kiyokazu Kudo) appearing. At the same time, the teaser visual and PV were released.

Is this marriage an invitation to Yomi or a miracle of luck?

Born into her prestigious family, Miyo grew up being oppressed by her stepmother and her stepmother and sister, as her biological mother quickly became ephemeral.

If she thinks she has been ordered to marry, her opponent is Kiyoka, and a young soldier rumoured to be ruthless and ruthless.

She was the main infamous for many of her fiancée candidates escaping in less than three days.

A man with a light pigment appears in front of Miyo, who hits the gate of the Kudo family with the expectation that she will be cut off.

Miyo was hit hard by her first meeting, but she couldn’t go back to her parent’s house, and as she cooked every day, she gradually opened her heart to Kiyokasumi.
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