‘Kitaro Tanjou’ and ‘Akuma-Kun’ new visuals released.

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In honor of the late Shigeru Mizuki’s achievements, on November 20, Miyuki Sawashiro, who plays the role of Kitaro in the theatrical animation “Kitaro birth Gegege no Mystery “and Netflix at the event “Gegege Memorial 2022” being held in Chofu City, Tokyo.

In addition, a talk session was held with Yuki Kaji, who plays the main character “Akuma-Kun” Ureki Ichiro in the series “Akuma-Kun “and the staff of both works. On stage, new visuals of both pieces were also released.

The third teaser visual by Toko Yatabe, the character designer, was unveiled in the “Kitaro birth: Gegege no Mystery “corner, which will be released next fall. Directed by Go Koga, this work is a prequel to the 6th season of the TV anime and is set in a village where old customs from the 1950s remain.

It was also revealed that it would be drawn. Sawashiro expressed his anticipation by saying, “It doesn’t look like the Kitaro statue he made on Sunday morning. I’m happy that he’s making an anime for us adults.”

In the corner of “Akuma-Kun, “which will also be distributed in 2011, a new visual with the catchphrase “A super genius who uses the power of the devil appears.” General director Sato Junichi also talked about the background of the main character, Ichiro Ureki, who was ‘abandoned by his biological parents and raised by the devil, and then raised by the previous generation, Akuma-Kun, Shingo Ureki.’ Kaji commented on the ongoing post-recording, saying, “I have an image that I will present the acting plan that I have prepared at the scene, and while receiving opinions on it, we will work together to complete it.” “Ichiro is a person who doesn’t understand ‘human emotions,’ so I’m always searching for the right amount to express his own emotions and how open his heart should be,” said Ichiro. He also mentioned character.

In the talk corner between the performers, Sawashiro and Kaji talked about Sawashiro, who is the same age and gets along well, even in private. He is a wonderful person as a human being. On the other hand, Sawashiro also said about Kaji, “Kaji-Kun has no harmful or sly things. Moreover, he seems to have been the student council president when he was a student. And laughed at each other.

The talk session will be distributed for a fee until 9:00 pm on November 26 (https://eplus.jp/gegegeki2022_green-hall/). In addition, the event “Gegege 2022” is being held until November 30.

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