Alexa to launch ‘Simply K-Pop’. 1st place in the famous audition in the US released

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Alexa (Alexa, Kim Se-ri) scrambles to ‘Simply K-Pop’ and dedicates the ‘Wonderland’ stage to Korean fans.

Alexa will be recording Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop’ on the 4th. In the US, NBC’s popular audition program ‘American Song Contest’ plans to unveil the stage of ‘Wonderland’, a competition song that took place in the semifinals.

‘Wonderland’ is a song that Alexa performed as a contest song in the ‘American Song Contest semifinals and collected topics. Alexa took the top spot with the song, beating famous pop artists Michael Bolton and Yum House. Thanks to the program’s popularity, ‘Wonderland’ is receiving global love, ranking No.

Alexa has to stay in the United States after being confirmed for the ‘American Song Contest semifinals. Still, to repay the support of Korean fans who are rooted in her activities, Alexa hurriedly returned to Korea on the 31st of last month. She decided to appear in ‘Simply K-Pop’ amid her busy schedule. In particular, it is unusual to stand on the stage of a domestic music show as a song for an American audition contest, and it shows the great interest in Alexa at home and abroad.

On the other hand, Alexa is scheduled to depart for the United States again to film the ‘American Song Contest at the end of April after active domestic activities.

The ‘American Song Contest’, featuring Alexa as the only K-pop artist, is the largest all-time American song contest in which 56 artists representing 50 US states, Washington DC, and five foreign territories compete for the top US hit song. It’s a live music contest. It airs on NBC in the United States for over eight weeks. In particular, MCs Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg, and world-class pop stars appear in large numbers, drawing significant attention from European fans of the original ‘Eurovision Song Contest.

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