‘My Home Hero’ TV animation ‘Yanmaga’ serialization resumed

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It has been decided that the manga “My Home Hero” by Naoki Yamakawa (original) and Masashi Asaki (drawing) will be made into TV animation. It was announced in the 29th issue of “Weekly Young Magazine” (published by Kodansha), released on June 20, and details about the animation will be announced later. In the same issue, the original manga was serialized again, and the story has entered the third part.

This work by Mr. Yamakawa of “I’m standing on a million lives” and Mr. Asamoto of “Psychometrer” and “Debusen” is a unique combination of “sin and punishment” and family right next to everyday life. Climb suspense that draws the bond of. The daily life of a dependable wife and the main character, Tetsuo Torisu, who has a daughter of a college student, changes completely from following a man who seems to be the criminal who beat his daughter. The color at the beginning of the 29th issue of “Young Magazine” is displayed, and in the third part, “every day that should have been regained” begins to shake again.

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