Rakuten decides ‘ULTRAMAN’ for the first content of ‘Rakuten NFT’ starting in February

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Rakuten Group announced on the 19th that it has decided to use NFT (Non-Fungible Token) using the CG assets of the animation “ULTRAMAN” as the first content to be provided. On the NFT marketplace and sales platform “Rakuten NFT.”

“ULTRAMAN” is an anime that depicts the aftermath of the world depicted in the special effects TV drama “Ultraman” produced by Tsuburaya Productions. From April 2019, full 3DCG animation will be distributed worldwide to 192 countries simultaneously, and in April 2022, “ULTRAMAN Season 2” will be distributed.

With the start of service on February 25, the first “ULTRAMAN,” “SEVEN,” “ACE,” “Rakuten NFT” limited visuals, and “Premium Digital Art with High-Quality Effects” where you can enjoy original effects. It seems that all three types of moments will be released.

We plan to sell 78 packs each, and you can use Rakuten ID for payment, and you will be able to accumulate and use Rakuten points. In addition, purchased NFTs can be collected on My Page of “Rakuten NFT” and can also be listed and sold on the marketplace.

It seems that the online launch event “#Rakuten_NFT will start” will be held on February 25, when the service will start, and it will introduce the service contents of “Rakuten NFT” in an easy-to-understand manner and announce the NFT contents to be sold in the future.

It seems that “Rakuten NFT” will continue to provide attractive and new entertainment experiences, improve services’ convenience, and provide highly satisfying services to a wide range of users.

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