Nanawo Akari is in charge of ED Non-credit movie is also a TV animation produced by MAPPA

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“Young Animal” TenHara’s series in our (Hakusensha) Original, Cool Christian believers in the television anime’s drawing of the cartoon original “Skanda heaven our peaceful generation,” the singer Nanawoakari Mr. ending theme (ED) “Leica” It turned out on July 7 that he was in charge of. A non-credit movie of the ending of the anime has been released on Noitamina’s official YouTube channel.

Nanawo Akari said, “I think” Thunderfire “has become a song that makes you feel better with a sense of speed and a sound full of gimmicks that reminds you of the speed of Skanda and others. Anyway, if I don’t stop, I’ll be able to do something about it … There are various messages, but for the time being, I’m hoping that when I listen to this song, I feel like “I don’t know what it is, but I’m energetic.”

Shizuka Ishigami, who plays the  Zoburu Empire Boy Soldier Collie, said about the work, “The exhilaration of the battle depiction of Skanda and the demons, the gag sandwiched between them, a little erotic expression, the unique touch peculiar to the original … It’s a spectacular work! Every character is so unique that you can enjoy it just by looking at it! I look forward to the broadcast! “

“Heion Sedai no Ikudaten” is a fantasy that depicts the battle royale of Skanda, the demons, and humankind. The story is that the monsters are resurrected and fight for the survival of the species in front of the “peaceful generation of Heion Sedai,” who are the gods of battle but have no fighting experience. The anime will be produced by MAPPA, such as “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Yuri !!! On ICE”. Romi Park will play the main character Hayato, and Megumi Ogata, Yui Horie, Akemi Okamura, Akira Ishida, and others will appear as voice actors. It will be broadcast from July 22 on Fuji TV’s late-night anime frame “Noitamina.”

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