The manga ‘Golden Kamuy’ will be completed with the remaining three episodes and serialized in about eight years.

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It was announced on the 7th that the popular manga “Golden Kamuy” will reach its final episode in the 22 & 23 merger issue of the serialized magazine “Weekly Young Jump”, released on the 28th. From the start of the serialization in August 2014, the curtain will end in about eight years with the remaining three episodes.

Set in Hokkaido during the Meiji era, Saichi Sugimoto, a former soldier who slipped through the deadline of the Russo-Japanese War, acted with the Ainu beautiful girl Ashiripa to obtain the large amount of money left by the Ainu. A story of dreaming of a lot of money together.

So far, TV animation has been broadcast three times (1st term April-June 2018, 2nd term October-December of the same year, 3rd term October-December 2020 * 4th term will be published from October), “Manga In addition to receiving numerous manga awards such as “Grand Prize 2016”, it was adopted as a key visual at the manga exhibition “The Citi exhibition Manga” held at the British Museum in London, England in May 2019. It has become.

With 29 new comics released on the 19th, the cumulative total of the series exceeded 19 million copies, and 30 volumes and 31 volumes are scheduled to be published continuously in June and July.

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