‘Evolution Fruit’ Season 2 will start broadcasting in January 2011. In addition, Miyuki Sawashiro, as a new cast, and a promotional PV have also been released.

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It has been decided that the second season of the TV anime ” The Real of Evolution ~ The Winning Group Life Without Knowing~” will be broadcast from January 2023. A new cast, Miyuki Sawashiro, has been announced for the PV. In addition, comments from cast members Hiroshi Shimono, Kana Hanazawa, Toru Inada, Sawashiro, and the original author, Miku, regarding the second season have also been released.

The original is a fantasy novel by Miku from the book posting site “Let’s become a novelist.” One day, Seiichi Hiiragi, a high school student who was suddenly sent to another world, ate the mysterious fruit “Evolution Fruit” and became a super handsome “cheat constitution” and a winner while captivating many beautiful women. Draw a picture of yourself moving forward in life. A battle with an unprecedented enemy awaits in the second season of the TV anime.

Sawashiro, a new cast member, will be in charge of the voice of Destra from the demon cult, Advocate of God, Zetsushi. The particular news PV for the 2nd term starts from the flashback scene of the 1st term. In the battle scene in the middle of the PV, Seiichi is driven into Destra.

“True Evolution Fruit ~ Winning group life without knowing ~” will be broadcast on January 23 on TV Tokyo and others. The Cast comments are as follows.

[ Hiroshi Shimono (role of Seiichi Hiiragi)]

It’s the second season of “The Fruit of Evolution”! ? The title is also “Shin Evolution Fruit”!?
No, I was allowed to record the PV, but it was kind of serious, and there were new characters, so what’s going to happen! ? Seiichi’s Life in Another World! ! … that’s what it feels like!
I don’t know what kind of development it will be, but I’m personally looking forward to it!
… Oh, there was one thing I could say! ! W Saria will also appear!!

[ Kana Hanazawa (role of Saria)]

The Fruit of Evolution will return as the “True Fruit of Evolution”! !!
I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s powered up and what kind of new characters I’ll meet!
We’ve recorded the PV, but the humanoid Saria-chan and the gorilla Saria-chan are bursting with cuteness this time, too♪ Please take a look! !!

[ Toru Inada (role of Saria before evolution)]

Everyone thought the information announced on April 1 was an April Fool joke.
I thought so without hesitation.
I still suspect this is a long-winded lie, but it looks like it will be accurate so that I will enjoy it to the fullest!
I’ll do anything this time, too, so be prepared!

[ Miyuki Sawashiro (role of Destra)]

I’m Miyuki Sawashiro, and I’ll be playing the role of Destra from this time.
Her words and deeds are childish, but she seems to be hiding something in her belly…
She seems very interested in Seiichi, so I wonder if there’s a key there…?
I want to look forward to the development with everyone.
Please continue to look forward to Mr. Inada’s heroine “Shin Shinka no Mi”!

[Miku (original author)]

I never thought a second season would be decided, so I was shocked when I received the offer.
Thanks to all of you who have supported and supported me so far.
Thank you very much.
The “True Fruit of Evolution” has evolved since the last time… I hope you enjoy Seiichi’s adventures.

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