Nao Toyama, Toshiki Masuda and others will appear! ‘Hanabi-chan tends to be late’ will start broadcasting in July, and the key visual will be released.

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The animation of the pachislot anthropomorphic manga “Hanabi-chan was Tendency” will be broadcast in July. At the same time, the key visuals of the project were released with the participation of additional casts such as Nao Toyama, Naomi Ohzora, Yoshino Nanjo, Fumiya Imai, and Toshiki Masuda. Comments have also arrived from the cast.

“Hanabi-chan tends to be late” (Original by Shirogane Ranpu, drawn by Mamimu) is a Zannen-based work comedy by anthropomorphic pachislot girls (Suromusu) serialized on the WEB manga site “Komipre”. It depicts the famous machines “Hanabi,” “Versus,” and “Thunder V,” which have been revitalizing the gaming machine industry, working at the pachinko hall “Shitamachi God Haven.”

This time, the animation of this work will be broadcast in July. Animation production by Gaina (“Piano no Mori”, “Cap Revolution Bottleman”, etc.), director by Hiromitsu Kanazawa (“Seitokai Yakuindomo”, “K”, “W’z” with “, etc.), character design by Asami Sodeyama (“The Shepherd of the Great Library”, “How many kilograms of dumbbells can I have?”, “Sarazanmai”, etc.), and Arte Refact (“Ansanburu Stars!”, etc.) will be in charge of music production.

In addition to the previously announced Azumi Waki ​​(Ariake Hanabi Hana), Sumire Uesaka (Takanawa Versus Battle), and MAO (Nihonbashi Thunder Thunder), additional casts have also been announced. Nao Toyama, a girl, transformed from the pachislot machine “Tacoslo”, Nao Toyama, a girl transformed from the pachislot machine “Super Mogmog 2”, Naomi Ohzora, a girl transformed from the pachislot machine “Cranky Condor”, Isogami Condor Tsubasa Is played by Aino Nanjo.

In addition, Fumiya Imai will take over Musashi Shinonome, a new store manager who will succeed his grandfather’s “Shitamachi God Haven” as a male cast, and Toshiki Masuda will play a gentle bear, Kumazawa, who will act together with the Takanawa Versus game. Is in charge.

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