Reproducibility is 120%! What is the ultimate piece of ‘Kano sisters’ successive cosplay’ selected by fans?

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Fabulous Kano sisters have surprised fans by showing off the cosplay appearance of many characters such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” When she cosplays an anime work, she is famous for thoroughly sticking to its reproducibility and finishing it to a quality that fans of the work are satisfied with. In the past, he professed that “when always cosplaying, it is a basic manner to pay respect not only to the author but also to work and those who love the work.” The attitude toward them is also why they are highly evaluated. The Kano sisters’ cosplay is always full of love and respect for the work.

Therefore, this time, we conducted a questionnaire survey of 300 men and women in their teens to 40s. While being genuinely selfish, I asked Kyoko Kano and Mika Kano to take a look at the cosplay images that they had shown on SNS and events and selected one of them, “the character that I think is the most complete.” I got it. I want to announce the results in a ranking format.

“Expressing cool coolness” in FF7 Tifa.
First, Tifa Lockhart (7.0%) of the game “FINAL FANTASY VII” was selected as the 3rd place.

In May 2020, Mika challenged Tifa, a childhood friend of Cloud, the main character who appears in “FINAL FANTASY VII.” Since “FINAL FANTASY VII Remake” was released in April of the same year, it became a cosplay that attracted much attention. Mika dressed in a healthy Tifa costume and perfectly reproduced the battle poses. In her blog, she tells the story behind her shoot, “Tifa’s poses are also an exercise, and her fabulous sister Kibishi-i supervised her new pretty good muscles.”

The people who chose it said, “Because it looks just like the original character” (19 years old, male), “The waistline is sexy” (29 years old, male), and “I can express cool coolness” (32 years old, female). Comments gathered.

Mika’s Doronjo dressed in her sister’s costume
The second place was Doronjo of “Yatterman,” who got 7.7% votes.

In November 2018, Mika released Doronjo’s cosplay in her dressing room. It seems that she was initially planning to be challenged by her sister Kyoko, and she seems to have “made her costume bust to match her fabulous sister’s rocket-shaped bust.” However, Mika, who wears it, is also faithful. The appearance of wearing a blonde wig and a characteristic mask in a powerful style was like a character appearing in the American comics.

From the people who chose, “Not only the style but also the atmosphere is the best” (30 years old, female), “I think that the bad atmosphere of Doronjo is coming out” (35 years old, female), “Greed is proper voices were saying “I’m out” (49 years old, male) and “Because it fits the image of Doronjo” (42 years old, male).

Kyoko’s Fujiko Mine, who appeared in three dimensions in a perfect style And, Fujiko Mine of “Lupin III” became the first place in a dignified manner. She was selected by 8.3% of people.

In January 2019, her sister Kyoko challenged Fujiko’s cosplay in the photo. At this time, Mika took a picture of Kyoko, who said she was preparing. Despite her unexpected expression that she wasn’t particularly aware of the camera, she was Fujiko Mine. Fujiko’s proportions and hairstyle, which are said to be “bust 99.9 cm, her waist 55.5 cm, and her hips 88.8 cm,” have been perfectly reproduced, and the black leather bodysuit that sticks to her skin suits her well.

From the people who chose it, “It looks just like the real thing including the atmosphere” (23 years old, female), “The image of the character looks exactly like it. The exposure is the best” (38 years old, male), “Because the style is close to Fujiko Mine’s three sizes. “It looks amazing too good” (31 years old, female) and “I don’t think anyone can reproduce it so far” (47 years old, male).

The cosplays selected as the top 3 this time are all close. The wide range of two people dressed in various cosplay genres was a remarkable result. Also, as a minority opinion, male characters such as Satoru Gojo from “Jujutsu Kaisen,” cosplay from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” which Kano sisters love, and cosplay from Domitresuku from “Resident Evil Village,” whose makeup was perfect. It was also popular.

From the cosplay of the Kano sisters, it can be seen that all the characters that suit them are appropriately selected and that they are taking pictures without compromises, such as posing and makeup. It can be said that it is a technique that can be done with love and commitment. We hope that the Kano sisters will continue to entertain our eyes with various “Kano Art Cosplay.”

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