‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ animation 10th-anniversary key visual release AR stamp rally in Ikebukuro to coincide with the original painting exhibition

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The key visual of the 10th-anniversary project of the anime version ” Kuroko’s Basketball ” has been released. It has also been announced that the AR stamp rally “Ikebukuro Jack 10th ANNIVERSARY CUP in IKEBUKURO” will be held in the Ikebukuro area of ​​Tokyo.

This work was serialized by Tadatoshi Fujimaki in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published by Shueisha) from 2009 to 2014 and is an animated version of the basketball manga of the same name with a cumulative circulation of over 30 million books. Tetsuya Kuroko (CV: Kensho Ono ), the phantom sixth person from the five geniuses “Kiseki’s generation” who built the golden age of the Teiko Junior High School basketball club, is Taiga Kagami ( Yuki Ono ) returning from the United States. ) And others, I drew a figure that leads the Seirin High School Basketball Club to the national championship. The TV animation will be broadcast in the first period in 2012, the second period in 2013, and the third period in 2015 and will be visualized until the original is completed. In 2017, the animated version of the sequel manga “Kuroko’s Basketball Last Game ” was released.

The key visuals of the 10th-anniversary project show the seven main characters of Parker-style Kuroko and the dog Tetsuya No. 2, which were devised by the original author, Fujimaki, in three colours: white, black, and lime. Mr Fujimaki has invented the costumes for each character, including how to wear sleeves and hats.

The AR stamp rally “Ikebukuro Jack 10th ANNIVERSARY CUP in IKEBUKURO” will be held at the “Kuroko’s Basketball ANIMATION GALLERY ~ 10 Years of Kiseki ~” Tokyo exhibition held at the Ikebukuro Sunshine City Cultural Center Building from April 7th to 17th and deployed during the exhibition period. By scanning the QR codes at 7 locations in the Ikebukuro area, you can get AR images that can take pictures with characters in addition to stamps. If you collect all the seals, you will receive a unique wallpaper image. In addition, an official store will open in the main building of Ikebukuro PARCO in the same area during the exhibition period, and plans such as “special meetings” with costumes will be held.

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