Naruto’s father, Minato Namikaze, wins first place in ‘NARUTO’ s first popular character poll worldwide.

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The results of the world’s first popular character vote, “NARUTOP99,” for the  popular manga ” NARUTO” have been announced. Out of about 4.6 million votes, the main character Naruto’s father, ” Namikaze Minato,” shone in the first place.

In the published video, the 99th to 1st place has been announced, 2nd place is “Uchiha Itachi,” 3rd place is “Haruno Sakura, “and the final results of 100th place and below are published on the special page.

This voting project commemorates the 20th anniversary of the anime “Naruto,” The work was the 7th popularity poll held in 2011. It will be held as a character popularity vote for the first time in about 11 years, and votes will be accepted from December 17, 2022, to January 31, 2023.

The number of characters to be voted for is 488, and fans worldwide can participate in online voting on a unique site. This time, the illustrations drawn by the original author, Masashi Kishimoto, of the top 22 characters have been released. It has also been decided to produce a one-shot manga spotlighting Minato Namikaze, who won first place. Details will be announced at a later date.

The story tells the story of the main character, ninja Naruto Uzumaki, who aims to become the Hokage, the head of Konohagakure Village, overcoming his rival’s deadly battle and past fate. The original manga is ” Weekly Shonen Jump”], serialized from 1999 to 2014. The comics have been published up to 72 volumes, and the cumulative circulation worldwide is over 250 million copies.

The anime began broadcasting on Tokyo TV in 2002, and from 2007, 11 broadcast and theatrical animations were released as “NARUTO Shippuden” until March 2017, with games, goods, and exhibitions. , 2.5-dimensional musicals, music festivals, Kabuki, and more.

Comment from Masashi Kishimoto, the original author: Thank you for all the votes. It was interesting to see the different results in each world region. I was surprised by Minato’s popularity in every area, and I never thought Sakura would be this popular worldwide, so I was pleased as the original author. I want to add Kurama… I added a drawing with 21st place Guy-sensei.

Due to personal circumstances, I ignored the 20-person project gun for the 20th anniversary. Sorry. I’m writing a one-shot manga about Minato, which was number one. I wanted to respond to everyone’s excellent response, so I drew more pages than I thought. Please look forward to the secret story about the Minato development technique. Once again, thank you very much for all the votes!

Top 10 popular character votes 1st place: Minato Namikaze 2nd place: Itachi Uchiha 3rd place: Sakura Haruno 4th place: Shisui Uchiha 5th place: Kakashi Hatake 6th place: Naruto Uzumaki 7th place: Sakumo Hatake 8th place: Sasuke Uchiha 9th place Rank: Uchiha Madara 10th: Hinata Hyuga

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