‘Detective Conan’ Movie version incident, damage amount bugged Hotel explosion, dam, stadium damage Foreign-affiliated consultants calculate the top 10 damage amount is 639 billion yen.

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A certain statistic has become a hot topic on SNS, along with “Black Iron Fish Shadow (Submarine),” released as the 26th movie version of the popular anime “Detective Conan.”

If past movie works happened, how much damage would be done? A foreign-affiliated consultant reviewed all the films and calculated mainly the movables and real estate that suffered damage. The most extensive damage was 2019’s “Fist of Blue Blue” set in Singapore, with 639 billion yen, including resort facilities.

Juntoku Yoshizawa, a foreign-affiliated consultant, published the statistics. He likes to analyze science fiction and shares various statistics on Twitter. Last year, he calculated that in 2020, the number of murders in Yonehana-cho, where the main character Conan lives, was ten times that of Venezuela, the world’s highest number, and 2,000 times that of Japan.

Destruction without hesitation because it’s an anime. This time, I wondered what the amount of damage would be if an incident occurred. While fast-forwarding the movie, the details of the damage were checked and enumerated for damage that seemed to be expensive.

I checked the market price and added it for each film, and made a graph of the top 10 movies. In the 1st place, Konsei no Ken, the hotel Marina Bay Sands and the botanical garden Gardens by the Bay were blown up, resulting in an estimated loss of 639 billion yen.

The 2nd place, “15 Minutes of Silence (2011),” totaled 219 billion yen, including 215.4 billion yen for Kitanosawa Dam. 3rd place was “Scarlet Bullet (2021)” with 171 billion yen, including stadium 150 billion yen. “I made a simple calculation,” says Yoshizawa. In reality, if the target is damaged, the cost of restoration work will be incurred, but it is said that the figures were made by ignoring the total construction cost and market price.

“I felt the damage would skyrocket in works where huge social infrastructure was damaged. Mr. Yoshizawa recommends “Karakurenai no Koigokoro (2017),” which depicts the truth and love of the mystery that karuta cards are intertwined.

Together with Mai Kuraki’s sad theme song, she felt that it was a fantastic movie. Regarding the new work, “I’m expecting a dramatic production and damage that can only be done with animation.” (Maidona News, Minami Yamawaki)

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