Ceramic art animation ‘Yakunara Mug Cup also’ 2nd period starts broadcasting in October Himeno is pleased with the decision of the 2nd-period Visual release.

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High school students draw a figure to challenge the pottery ” also mug. If bake is”, CBC TV from October, BS11, TOKYO MX, MBS, AT-X in the second phase, ” bake if the mug is also a double-dip kiln ” is broadcast It became clear that.

This work is based on a free comic published by volunteers and companies in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, as part of a regional promotion project, and four high school girls, including Himeno Toyokawa (CV: Mino Tanaka ), are local. A youth story that touches on the charm of the traditional craft “Mino ware.” The anime version, which started in April, has an anime part in the first 15 minutes and a live-action part in which the cast members introduce the charm of Tajimi City in the second half.

The second term, “Second Kiln,” will consist of two parts from the first term. In the anime part, Himeno, who became fond of ceramic art after the Mino ware contest, was enthusiastic about making “more wonderful things” and decided to make her corner on the store shelf where her mother’s work was displayed. It seems that new characters will also appear.

The second term decision visual depicts Himeno smiling with a big smile in his hand with a mug that says “the second term,” which has also been released. In the background, many storyboards and line shots of the second period are studded.

The production staff will continue to cast from the first period. Under the direction of Jun Kamiya, Toshihisa Arakawa will be in charge of the series composition and screenplay. Director Kamiya said, ” The production of the second phase of ” Yaku Nara Mug Cup “has been decided! All thanks to everyone who watched the program. To deliver more interesting things while keeping the atmosphere of the first phase. I’m struggling. Please look forward to the start of the broadcast! ” Arakawa is pleased, “There are still many good points in Tajimi, and above all, I am thrilled to be able to spin further the charm of Himeno and others who could not be drawn.”

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