‘Kagami no Kojo’ Bonus footage will be screened after the main story from January 20th.

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It has been decided that a special video of the theatrical animation ” Kagami no Kojo ” will be shown on January 20. After the end roll of the central part, a special video of the “Landscape after” distributed as a bonus for the first visitor will be screened.

“Landscape after” is an illustration of a postcard distributed as a gift for the first audience at the time of the release on December 23, 2022, depicting the scene after the characters. Character designer Keigo Sasaki ( A-1 Pictures ) created a new draft by the original author Mitsuki Tsujimura and expanded the idea with director Keiichi Hara.

The work is an animation of the best-selling novel that won the Bookstore Grand Prize in 2018. Kokoro (CV: Ami Toma ), a junior high school student who lost her place at school and shut herself up in her room, is sucked into a shining mirror and invited to a mysterious castle. To find the key that will grant her any wish, she works with six junior high school students gathered in the castle and gradually begins communicating with them.

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