Netflix domestic ranking, anime ‘Child of Kamiari Month,’ and popular reality show are ranked in for the first time! Keep popular Japanese movies high.

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Netflix publishes a top 10 list of movies and series from around the world and the world on its official website, Top 10 on Netflix. Here, I would like to introduce the popularity ranking in Japan this week (aggregated from February 7th to February 13th).

First of all, in the top 10 popular movies, the 1st place “Stigmatized Properties” and the 2nd place “Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter The Final” are kept for two consecutive weeks! In addition, the Korean romantic comedy movie “Moral Sense-Kimi a Master-” is ranked 3rd, and the domestic animation “Child of Kamiari Month” is ranked 4th in the first appearance. In addition, the horror for teens “Blessed Children” and the documentary “TINDER Swindler: Love Makes Big Money” that depicts the crimes that happened have appeared for the first time.

“Child of Kamiari Month,” which ranked 4th for the first time, is a fantasy animated film set in the Izumo region, where it is said that gods from all over the country gather every October. The story is that Kanna, a girl who lost her mother a year ago, is led to a specific mission and embarks on a magnificent journey to Izumo. In this mythical land, gods from all over the country gather every year. The animation director is Takana Shirai, who was in charge of drawing for “Okami Children’s Rain and Snow” and “Kaguya Hime no Monogatari.”

Next, in the popular series, the thrilling zombie horror “All of Us Are Dead …” based on the popular web manga ranked first for three consecutive weeks! Featured topical works are proud of their deep-rooted popularity. In addition, a new marriage-hunting reality program, “Love Is Blind JAPAN,” will appear for the first time in 7th place. Although there are no significant changes in other works, “Squid Game” has risen to 10th place.

“Love Is Blind JAPAN,” which ranked 7th for the first time, is the Japanese version of the famous experimental marriage reality show hit in the United States. The content follows the love pattern of single men and women who try to identify their destined partner only by voice in Japan. In addition, Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya are participating as navigators.

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