‘PUI PUI Molker’ Theatrical release decision! Why you want to see the works, you see them at home.

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It was announced that the stop-motion animation “PUI PUI Molcar,” in which characters and molars made of wool felt are active, will be released in theaters for a limited period of two weeks from July 22nd, attracting much attention. It is a work that attracted attention on SNS, as this winter animation, and it can still be seen on the distribution service, and it has been decided to rebroadcast from July. Why is theatrical release so much talked about? Ryo Koarai, an anime columnist who has been paying attention since the beginning of the broadcast, analyzes from a unique perspective.

It was announced that the popular “PUI PUI Molcar” would be released in theaters as the movie “Tobidase! Naruse! PUI PUI Molcar” from July 22nd for a limited period of two weeks, and it became a hot topic. The content is that all 12 episodes broadcast on TV will be screened in 2D, 3D, and 4D, respectively. Unlike the omnibus screening of other works, there seems to be no addition of new images, but even so, as soon as I heard the announcement, the person who thought, “I will go!” ) Seems to have been many.

The 12 episodes that will be screened can now be viewed on the distribution site, and the rebroadcast will begin in July. DVDs and Blu-rays will be released at the end of July. Nevertheless, why do fans go to the cinema to see what they can see at home anytime?

First of all, I think the factor is the “participatory” element included in this screening. In this work, “Naruse! Molar Ball” is distributed as a gift for visitors as a mechanism corresponding to the “Naruse!” Part of the title, but during the screening, the audience can enjoy it by ringing it. You can.

The information that you can pui pui together with the voice of a real guinea pig voice actor who was popular at the time of broadcasting is familiar with live viewing (live viewing) and cheering screening, and its “fun different from normal screening” It would have been quite attractive to anime fans who knew about. As soon as the information was announced, adult anime fans said, “It’s an entertaining guy!”, And there was a particularly extraordinary response to this “Naruse!” Part.

Currently, due to the influence of Corona, participatory screenings have been “prohibited from vocalization” for a while, but under such circumstances, cheering screenings that use “sounding things” instead of voices have begun to be held. At first glance, this admission privilege, which seems to be entirely for children, appears to be a factor that pierces a wide range of age groups, reflecting the current circumstances of anime fans.

The other is that the work “that’s why,” which you know the contents of after seeing it many times, is known even before seeing it. What’s more, it’s not that it’s easier to appreciate than other works by elimination, saying “because there is no loss,” but rather “Moller? Everyone? Watching at the movie theater? It’s fun and exciting!” I think it has become.

In fact, in response to the announcement of the screening this time, rather than trying to see this work for the first time, there was a big reaction from fans who already knew the contents by watching the TV series, “I will go!” Is it not?

Now that even multiple viewings have taken root, “what you have seen” is no longer a factor that keeps you away from viewing, saying, “then you should see it at home.” Still, if it is your favorite work, It is clear from this reaction that expectations will rise, and it will boost appreciation.

People’s viewing habits have changed significantly in the last five years, such as participatory screenings such as live screenings and cheering screenings, and multiple viewings. I know that the work is more fun to watch in a movie theater.

This is probably because watching movies in theaters is becoming a completely different activity and environmental factors such as a larger screen and higher sound quality than usual. There is no difference between “watching Molcar at home” and “watching Molcar at the cinema,” but the kind of fun you seek differs from listening to music at home and participating in live concerts. It will come.

You may be wondering when you go to the cinema and pay to see a movie that you can watch at home for a fixed amount or for free. However, this screening is not just the same story that can be seen in movie theaters, but this work, which takes time to do new work, overturns the neck, and it also reflects the viewing habits of such recent anime fans well. I think it is because.

Korai Ryo = Born in Saitama Prefecture, graduated from the Faculty of Information and Communication, Meiji University. Received a master’s degree in the master’s thesis “Anime as a Network” from the Graduate School of Information and Communication, Meiji University. While appearing on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting ” Natsumi Iwasaki’s Hackle TV,” he watched about 100 animations (including reruns) every week. He posted his impressions of all the programs on his blog for about five years. .. He is also an advisor to the Saitama Prefecture Anime Sanctuary Project Conference. He is currently enrolled in the doctoral program at the Graduate School of International Public Relations Media and Tourism, Hokkaido University, where he considers and researches anime from an academic perspective.

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