Netflix domestic ranking, ‘Your name’ Ranked first! The new romantic comedy anime ‘Romantic Killer’ is also popular.

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Netflix publishes the top 10 list of global and international movies and series on its official website, “Top 10 on Netflix”. Here, I would like to introduce the popularity ranking in Japan this week (October 31 – November 6).

First of all, in the top 10 popular movies, Makoto Shinkai’s popular feature animation is “Your Name.”Ranked in the 1st place! Next, the war movie “No Problems on the Western Front” starring Daniel Brühl of “Inglourious Basterds” and the thrilling crime suspense “Good Nurse” based on a true story entered the top three. Notable works such as “I fell in love like a bouquet,” starring Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura, and the science fiction masterpiece “Godzilla vs. Kong” are listed.

This week’s No. 1 “Kimi no Na wa. is a fantasy anime film directed by Makoto Shinkai, which was highly acclaimed around the world when it was released in theaters in 2016, and won numerous awards, including animation film awards and screenplay awards.

One day, a girl living a boring life in a rural town surrounded by mountains begins to dream of becoming a strange boy living in Tokyo. Next, in the top 10 popular series, animation series such as the popular anime “SPY x FAMILY,” the romantic comedy anime “Romantic Killer,” and the topical work “Chainsaw Man” is famous! The heartfelt historical drama “Shurp,” starring Kim Hye-soo as a queen struggling to fulfill her duties as a mother, also ranked fourth.

A new series, “Blue Rock,” which is an animated version of the popular soccer manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine,” will be released for the first time. “Romantic Killer,” which ranked second this week, is a new anime adaptation of Hyakuseiwa’s popular manga serialized in “Shonen Jump+.” Kyoko, who enjoys life without a boyfriend, appears in front of her, a little wizard who wants her to fall in love with her. Kyoko, who doesn’t want to fall in love with her, is set up one after another like a shoujo manga.

Top 10 Popular Movies (October 31 – November 6) 1st place: “Your Name.” 2nd place: “All is OK on the Western Front” 3rd place: “Good Nurse” 4th place: “20th Century You” 5th place: “I fell in love like a bouquet” 6th place: “She’s a nobleman” 7th place: “Enola Holmes Case Files 2” 8th place: “School for Good and Evil” 9th place

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