Ajikan, Masashi Sada, Yusuke Nakamura ‘I’m already outdated’ illustrator 20th-anniversary exhibition

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Yusuke Nakamura (44), an illustrator is known for ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Masashi Sada’s CD jacket, Tomihiko Morimi, Jiro Akagawa’s book cover, music textbook cover, Asada candy package, etc.

The solo exhibition “Nakamura Yusuke 20th Anniversary” Exhibition” opened on the 9th at Gallery Armo in Suidobashi, Tokyo. Nakamura commented, “I’m already behind the times,” and said, “That’s an excellent thing.”

A 20-year trajectory colored with somewhat nostalgic and new works. 606 points, including completed illustrations and original drawings before coloring and idea sketches, were released.

The exhibition also includes original works and works created while enrolled at the Osaka University of Arts. Mr. Nakamura, who has a wide range of activities such as anime character design and essay writing, said, “I have a big feeling that I want to thank and repay the kindness of the fans who have supported me.” I don’t want to live in a world where you can get a mount just by looking at the original painting, like a masterpiece.

The most delicate part of printed matter is that you get a sense of satisfaction when you are there. Therefore, prioritize preparations before working on a drawing.

I collected all of Masashi Sada’s works, including his books, and read as much of Jiro Akagawa’s work as possible. Furthermore, to draw all the personalities of the radio “All Night Nippon,” I ordered the program sound sources for half a year from Monday to Saturday.

“Everyone likes radio because they can see another side of the celebrity, and it’s not a job to draw a portrait. I’ve always wanted the radio, but since it was my job, I listened intently while taking notes. That way, I gradually understood the purpose of the corner, the postcard artisans, and the atmosphere. It took me a long time.

Because of careful preparation, we can precisely grasp the client’s intentions, such as advertising effectiveness and sales promotion, and match the illustration ideas. As a result, he says he has always been criticized.

“That’s why I have zero work stress,” he laughs. Recently, some people say that restrictions on expression have become stricter. Companies use them for reasons such as these, so there is a flaming uproar. “The talent for painting is maybe not so much. But I am interested in many things, which is fun to know. I love humans,” he said sharply. Finally, I saw why I could continue running on the front line.

On the other hand, she insists that she is behind the times, which she calls “a perfect thing.” “There was a time when people felt lonely and sympathetic to being alone, but one editor said, “Old romance mangas depicted the process of getting married to someone you like, but now it’s about dating from the beginning. Young illustrators began to express happiness and joy honestly.

There is a demand for illustrations of couples walking hand in hand. I think the fact that there is something is because our work has become commonplace, just like TV commercials.” He didn’t even participate in the coming-of-age ceremony.

This led to the tendency to approach the subject of interest not directly but through materials such as works. Many girl paintings are characterized by vivid color schemes, bold compositions, and backgrounds filled with detailed information. It has changed so they can say, “My illustrations look interesting, and I want to continue.”

The number of places where I can present my work on the internet has increased, and I’ve gotten a lot of feedback. It’s a perfect thing, and I envy you. I feel like I’m changing the values ​​set in my youth…” and continued, “So I think I’m behind the times.”

The self-evaluation of being behind the times doesn’t sound slavish, probably because he lives a busy life while still living in Osaka. However, when asked about his future goals, he said, “I’m not good at this question. I used to say I wanted to be involved in the Tokyo Olympics.

There were problems with slush funds.” I want to make high-quality products, contribute to product sales, and continue as long as possible without relying on relationships.” Then, with a gentle expression, he repeated, “If there is no need, I can’t continue.” Again, there was a sense of realism and a certain resolve. The exhibition will run until January 9th.

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