October broadcast ‘World Trigger’ 3rd season teaser visual lifted!

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The teaser visual has been lifted from the TV anime “World Trigger 3rd Season,” scheduled to be broadcast on the TV Asahi series from October 2021.

“World Trigger” is a science fiction action manga serialized by Daisuke Ashihara in Jump SQ. Osamu Mikumo, a member of the border defense organization “Border” organized to counter the invasion of “Naver” with unknown power, from “Naver Hood,” depicts a mysterious boy, Kuga Yuma, who has come and struggles while working hard with Chika Amatori and the boys on the border.

Since the beginning of the “Weekly Shonen Jump” series, he has gained enthusiastic fans and has been very popular and acclaimed even after transferring to “Jump SQ.”

The 1st season of TV animation (73 episodes in total) was broadcast from 2014 to 2016. The 2nd season (12 episodes in total) was posted in January 2021, and the broadcast time of the 3rd season was announced at AnimeJapan 2021, held in March this year. When it was broadcast, joyful voices were raised mainly from original fans and anime fans.

“World Trigger 3rd Season” is finally in full swing for the October broadcast! Following the 2nd season, even more, powerful enemies will stand in the second Tamakoma in the fierce B-rank battle. Can Tamaki No. 2 win the ranked struggle and be in the B class 2nd place for the expedition? With the addition of new members, we must keep an eye on Tamaki No. 2, which has achieved remarkable growth!

The teaser visual has been unveiled simultaneously as the September issue of “Jump SQ.” To be released on August 4th (Wednesday)!

Tamakoma’s second ace, Yuma Kukan, is at the bottom, and after a large-scale invasion, the Tamakoma branch captured him as a prisoner of war. ) However, Hughes, who joined the “Border” in the final episode of the 2nd season and became a member of Tamakoma Branch 2, is drawn in the upper row, and it is finished in a visual that makes us feel the fierce battle that will start in the 3rd season.

Yuma, who makes full use of the wire by Osamu’s spider and cuts in, and Hughes, who appeared after solving the back worm, are drawn in pairs, and expectations are raised for the “joint battle” between the two; who were once enemies. !!

Hughes joins Tamaki No. 2, and the more powerful Tamaki No. 2 challenges the battle with even more powerful enemies in the 3rd season. In 2021, the hottest action is about to begin!

And it is decided that YouTube live distribution by a gorgeous cast will be done on August 15th (Sun)!

Tomo Muranaka as Yuma Sora, Yuki Kaji as Osamu Mikumo, Nao Tamura as Chika Ametori, and Nobunaga Shimazaki as Hughes will appear in this distribution event, and we will deliver plenty of the long-awaited latest information on the 3rd season. Even more happy and vital announcements … ⁉︎ Please look forward to this too!

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