One Piece Cliffhanger Teases Nami’s Berserker Moment

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One Piece fans realize it is a uniquely dreadful plan to test the Straw Hat team, yet that doesn’t prevent scalawags from pressing the button. From Doflamingo to Big Mom, our miscreants have come to discover how frightening the Straw Hats can be the point at which they are irate. Presently, it appears to be one of Kaido’s warriors is going to discover that the most difficult way possible and Nami will be the one to instruct them.

The entire difficulty became known when One Piece put out section 1012. The most recent update monitored Nami as she and Tama observed Big Mom go wild on Ulti. The fight started once Kaido’s toady tested the Yonko considering Page One being totally spread out. Notwithstanding, things took an appalling turn when Multi turned her look on Tama.

Before the chapter ended, Ulti backhanded Tama and seems to have taken her out. As you can figure, everybody lost their brain over the blow, and Big Mom was one of them. Everybody perusing anticipated that the Yonko should battle Ulti after the punch, however Nami beat her to the punch.

The One Piece cliffhanger closes with Nami striking a hard blow on Ulti. The baddie goes flying, and our inhabitant pilot is resolved to show Ulti a thing or two. “Who said you could hit Tama,” Nami requests after she handles a strong blow on Kaido’s lackey. “I’m going to stay and crush her!”

Presently, it seems like Tama will escape with Usopp, and the unavoidable issue remaining has to do with Big Mom. The Yonko may remain to help Nami, yet fans are anxious to perceive what the champion can do all alone. It has been some time since Nami had a major fight all alone, and Ulti is an overwhelming enemy to test her grit on. So on the off chance that you need to perceive how Navi’s power level is faring, you best stay aware of the One Piece manga moving ahead!

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