Voice actor Yui Horie delivers digital single ‘Story until the rainbow hangs on 10/16

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Yui Horie, an active voice actor, and artist has decided to release the second song of the 2021 TV anime tie-up as a digital single. The song’s title is “The Story of the Rainbow” and is scheduled to be distributed on Saturday, October 16.

This song is the ending theme of the TV anime “My Senpai Is Anzai Junior,” which also plays the role of Yuto Sakurai. Yoshifumi Kanamaru writes the lyrics, and the composition and arrangement are by Ryota Nakano. You can also listen to some of the songs on the anime PV released today. Also, on the radio “Yui Horie no Tenshi no Tamago” broadcast on September 3 (Friday), the first radio of the song is scheduled to be aired.

In addition, new artist visuals and jackets have also been released. It is finished in a natural and gentle atmosphere that makes you feel mild autumn quickly.

Yui Horie’s digital single “The Story of the Rainbow” will be distributed on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

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