‘Uma Musume’ Narita Top Road Challenges the Kikka Award Episode 4 Synopsis & Trailer Released

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The preceding scene cut and preview video of the 4th episode of the new animation “Uma Musume Pretty Derby ROAD TO THE TOP” of the popular content “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” has been released. Episode 4 will be streamed on the official YouTube channel “Paka Tube!” of “Uma Musume” from 21:00 on the 7th.

Animation is a new series of distribution animation that is different from TV animation, aiming for the top of the classics—a conflicting story.

In episode 4, “Thoughts are One,” Narita Top Road regained her confidence on the night of the summer camp, feeling the warmth of the fans who supported her. And the classic triple crown, the last race, “Kikuka Sho.” The top road runs all the way with a lot of support behind them. Everyone’s thoughts are one, and they will run up to the top this time.

“Uma Musume” is a cross-media content that has gained popularity in a wide range of games, manga, and animation developments, with real racehorses such as Special Week, Silence Suzuka, and Tokai Teio.

The first period of TV animation will be broadcast from April to June 2018, and the second period will be published from January to March 2021. Weekly Young Jump is serializing “Uma Musume Cinderella Gray” manga with Oguri Cap as the main character. The voice actor in charge of the CV has also appeared on music programs and has been introduced as a “social phenomenon.”

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