Pentagon Nmix K-pop concert to be held in Indonesia

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A K-pop concert will be held in Indonesia.

Cushion Live, a platform company specializing in K-pop performances, said, “Let’s Love Indonesia We all are one K-Pop Concert” (Let’s Love Indonesia We all are one K-) will be held on the particular stage of Glora Bung Karno (GBK) Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia for three days from November 10 to 12. POP Concert)” he announced on the 19th.

The group ASTRO, Pentagon, CIX, and Nmix were named in the first lineup released on this day.

At 7 p.m. every day, four teams a day go on stage in a concert hall with about 20,000 seats. A total of 12 units will perform in a unique setting for three days. The performance will be broadcast live worldwide through the online concert live broadcasting platform Cushion Live.

All proceeds from the performance will be used for free medical treatment and free education support for neighbors in need in Indonesia.

Above all, this concert is meaningful as a K-pop concert to pray for the success of the G20, the first summit in Southeast Asia to be held in Indonesia, and the ‘B20 Summit’, a global business council held just before the G20.

On the other hand, ‘Let’s Love Indonesia We All Are One K-Pop Concert’ will be held on an enormous scale in Indonesia based on the know-how of the ‘We All A One K-Pop Concert’ held last year. It is co-hosted and organized by Cushion Live and Salvation Army, established in the previous year by Red Angel, the Korean cheering group. It is sponsored by Indonesia’s largest bank, Mandiri Bank.

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