‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Akaza is now available in the G.E.M. series!

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“AmiAmi,” a significant hobby mail-order company, is currently informing about the “G.E.M.

The anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is a T.V. anime based on the manga work by Koyoharu Gotouge, which Shueisha Jump Comics is publishing. Broadcasting started in April 2019, and this work begins when Tanjiro Kamado, a boy whose family was killed by a demon, joins the 《Demon Killing Corps》 to return his sister, Tanjiro Kamado, who became a demon to humans.

The sad story of people and demons, the devilish swordsmanship, and the comical scenes occasionally drawn became popular. It became a big topic not only in Japan but all over the world.

And from October 16, 2020, the story “Infinite Train Edition” following the T.V. animation “Kimetsu no Yaiba Ritsushi Hen” will be released as a theater animation. From Sunday, October 10, 2021, the T.V. anime “Infinite Train Edition” will be broadcast, which includes an entirely new episode depicting the mission of Anjuro Rengoku to leave the demon slaughter corps headquarters and head for the infinite train. From Sunday, December 5, the T.V. animation “Yukou Hen” will be broadcast.

From such a work, “Akaza,” the demon of the 12 demon moon “Shinjitsu no San,” appears in the G.E.M. series!
The Akaza of the martial arts group, which has respect for the strong man, has been reproduced in 3D with a dynamic modeling and a fearless expression that feels a threat.

This product is only available at AmiAmi and some other stores, and reservations are currently being accepted and scheduled to be released in August 2022.

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