One Piece: Is Carrot Destined to Be the Next Straw Hat?

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Carrot’s high situation in One Piece’s first Global Popularity Poll might be a sign she’s set to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Out of appreciation for the manga’s 1,000th chapter, One Piece and Shueisha organized a massive event: the first global worldwide character poll survey for the series. Fans had from the beginning of January until the finish of February to vote a ballot once per day for their number one character among the hundreds that have graced the pages of Eiichiro Oda’s shonen saga. The mid-term rankings were posted at some point in March yet now we have the eventual outcomes, and one long-eared bunny in the Top 10 has grabbed our eye.

Sitting at the eighth spot is in all honesty Carrot, a semi-ongoing character to One Piece and believed partner to the Straw Hat Pirates. At the point when the break rankings were counted, Carrot was at seventeenth spot, however the mink clan young lady has jumped an incredible nine spots from that point forward. It’s very a sign that Carrot has an incredible fanbase backing her. Truth be told, this could be taken as a sign that the being a fan is viewing at her as Straw Hat Pirate material.

At the point when you reexamine Carrot’s place among the team, she’s actually a Straw Hat in everything except for name now. Carrot has been following alongside the group since Whole Cake Island, stowing away on the Thousand Sunny just before the Sanji Retrieval Team withdrew from Zou. From that point forward, she’s framed a nearby bond with the group, in any event, alluding to Chopper with the moniker, “Choniki.” When Jimbei reunites with the team at Wano in Chapter #977, Carrot participates in the glad gathering by embracing the whale shark Fishman in spite of not in any event, knowing the team for extremely long.

In any case, to turn into a Straw Hat Pirate, you need a fantasy and a job to satisfy. Luffy’s the Captain and his fantasy is to become King of the Pirates, Nami is the pilot and her fantasy is to make a guide of the whole world… you get the thought. For Carrot’s situation, it’s somewhat less plainly characterized.

Her animalistic impulses and proficiencies could make her a phenomenal scout; those hare ears aren’t only to look good, all things considered. Carrot experienced childhood in a wilderness country, as well, and an accomplished tracker to assemble food may be what the team needs to give Luffy’s endless craving and Sanji’s cooking abilities. In any case, with regards to Carrot’s fantasy, she has nothing explicit as a primary concern past needing to see the rest of the world. As one of the Mink Musketeers, she prepared under Pedro and longed for one day investigating past Zou. It fills in as an intention in now, however will no doubt should be developed later on if Carrot winds up being an official Straw Hat.

Carrot’s certainly had her minutes at the center of attention that substantiate herself as a commendable Nakama, however. At the point when Nami and Co. were sought after by Charlotte Daifuku while attempting to get away from Whole Cake Island, Carrot ventured up to ensure the Thousand Sunny. With the full moon overhead, she had the option to deliver her Sulong structure and utilizing the new flood of force, she assaulted every one of the boats that made up Daifuku’s armada. Her activities would end up being irreplaceable in the pack’s break from the waters of Whole Cake Island.

She hasn’t been offered a lot to do in Onigashima at this point, however the Wano circular segment is a long way from being done in the One Piece manga. Regardless of losing to Perospero it’s far-fetched this is the final appearance ever to be made by Carrot during the Onigashima Raid, particularly since a full moon actually drifts over the gliding post.

It’s still ahead of schedule to conjecture on new Straw Hats since Jimbei has just barely joined the crew officially, yet Carrot actually remains as quite possibly the most probable up-and-comers. It’s reasonable she’s developed on the being a fan – the eighth spot isn’t anything to laugh at – however just Oda can choose what’s on the horizon for Carrot.

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