One Piece Stars Celebrate Their Vaccinations With Straw Hat Crew Photo

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A portion of the stars behind One Piece are praising their new vaccinations with a photograph assembling a portion of the individuals from the Straw Hat pirate crew! One Piece as of now has one of the longest week after week anime series running today, however even it felt the sting of the continuous COVID-19 pandemic. A year ago the series (alongside huge loads of other anime creations) had been deferred because of the pandemic, and keeping in mind that Japan is presently amidst another highly sensitive situation a year later, there’s a promising end to current circumstances.

As vaccinations to combat the disease are starting to advance all throughout the planet, there’s been a checked defining moment for some. This incorporates the stars behind One Piece just as some of them have as of late gotten their portion of COVID-19 antibody and these Straw Hats praised the event with an uncommon gathering photograph (as spotted by @OnePiecePodcast on Twitter) that certainly raises some significant expectation for what’s to come. Check it out below:

As @OnePiecePodcast brings up, the photograph incorporates Mayumi Tanaka (the voice behind Luffy), Cho (who voices Brook), Ikue Ohtani (who voices Chopper), Kazuki Yao (who voices Franky), Katsuhisa Hoki (who voices Jimbei), and Yuriko Yamaguchi (the voice behind Nico Robin). Presently with the immunization and proceeded with adherence to social removing guidelines and other security safeguards, it’s an extraordinary advance forward for the individuals who bring the Straw Hat crew!

It’s a huge year for the One Piece anime too as not exclusively did the series as of late cap off an enormous prevalence survey checking votes from fans everywhere on the world, yet the anime is as of now amidst the Wano Country circular segment’s third demonstration. Each new scene has intrigued fans like never before on account of how much it’s ready to achieve on a week after week plan, and the chief behind the arrangement has guaranteed that there’s, considerably more, to anticipate coming our direction.

What are your musings on the One Piece anime nowadays? It is safe to say that you are staying aware of the freshest sections of the manga? How would you think the Wano curve will all reach a conclusion? Tell us your contemplations on everything One Piece in the remarks!

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