‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ 4 selections of words and actions by Giyu Tomioka tickle maternal instinct.

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Is “worried” a trigger to tickle your maternal instinct?

The water column, Giyu Tomioka, who appears in “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” is an excellent demon slaughterer who is calm and calm at all times. However, because he is too quiet and has poor facial expression, he is often misunderstood by his colleagues, Pillars, and is worried.

This “worried” place is also one of the charms of Yoshiyuki, and it is also said to be the “swamp drop point” that tickles the maternal instinct. This article will introduce five scenes where Yoshiyuki can tickle your maternal instinct.

This article describes a scene not yet been animated in “Kimetsu no Yaiba.” Please be careful if you have not read the original manga.

Is maternity love born in the famous scene of insect pillars and butterfly Shinobu?

In the battle at Mt. Conflict with Mt. Natagumo and Shinobu Kocho.

To Yoshiyuki, who was holding a demon-made younger sister, Nezuko Kamado, he said, “I wonder what he said he couldn’t get along with the demon, but that’s why everyone hates him.” Shinobu is exposed to complex words. On the other hand, Yoshiyuki calmly returns, “I’m not disliked.”

The situation is an emergency in which the pillars, the highest-ranking swordfighters of the demon corps, face each other with their swords. Moreover, the act of Yoshiyuki to protect the demon is natural to be blamed for violating the corps rules, and he is also accountable.

Some people were surprised at the words of Yoshiyuki, “I’m not disliked,” by skipping all of those things, but his slightly dissatisfied facial expression aroused his asylum and made him sick. Isn’t it? “It’s okay! I’m here!” This Kyun gradually turns into a big love like my mother …

Thoughts on those who died on their behalf

In preparation for the final battle with the demon’s founder, Kibutsuji Muzan, a joint strengthening training “pillar training” in which soldiers of the lower ranks visit the pillars and train them. It has been decided to start. However, Yoshiyuki says he will not participate in the pillar training, and he will not even teach his disciple, Sumijiro. Before he joined the demon slaughter corps, Yoshiyuki, who had been defeated by Sumijiro, who had been ordered by the master of the mansion and continued to talk to him.

In the final selection at the mountain of wisteria, I trained together and was helped by an irreplaceable friend who took the test, and I was saved only by myself. I became a member of the demon slaughter corps without defeating one demon. What has happened … That fact then afflicted his courage even after training and became a pillar. Only negative words such as “I’m not a good person to be a water column” come out from Yoshiyuki’s mouth.

Motherhood is activated by the appearance of Yoshiyuki with dark eyes trying to leave Kanjiro with tears in words. I want to hug you with all my strength. I want to fill my stomach with a hot meal, and I want to take a bath slowly, I want to watch over until I sleep with a fluffy futon, I want to rub my back … It is her mother’s sex that she wants to tell her depressed child somehow that “you are important” and “you are just as you are” and lighten her heart.

The moment when you are proud of your awakened courage

Not only is it intensely reliable, but it is also naive and clumsy, and while carrying a painful and sad past, Yoshiyuki manages to hold it down and stands on the battlefield. Readers and viewers want to support him because they have such an emotional element, but sometimes they can’t read the air they show (can’t read), but their natural cuteness tickles their maternal instinct.

When Yoshiyuki experienced “a sharp sharpening of his senses in a short time” while fighting against the demon of the first string in the infinite castle, On the body of Yoshiyuki, a bruise that the power improves in each step emerges.

For fans who have supported Yoshiyuki so far with a feeling like a mother, it is a moment to be proud of Yoshiyuki, who has overcome various sadness and suffering and has reached the time of awakening in the true sense.

And in the battle against the misery that was prepared to die, the awareness and determination as a pillar of courage became hot, saying, “A battle that is not ashamed as a water column !!”.

A gentle smile that feels the growth of your heart

At the last Hashira Meeting, you can feel the growth of the spirit of Yoshiyuki. At the Hashira Meeting in the story up to that point, he gave different opinions about Sumijiro and Nezuko’s treatment. He stood up even at the Hashira Meeting just before the final battle. It was Yoshiyuki.

He couldn’t find a place in the demon slaughter corps because he felt a close eye, but at the last Hashira meeting, he smiled with the wind pillar, Immortal River Miya. You can feel the growth of your heart overcoming sadness and suffering in the gentle smiles of the two who were incompatible with each other.

It’s okay with this ……, I feel happy and a little lonely, probably because I have been cherishing and supporting Yoshiyuki with feelings like my mother. Which scene is the word and action of Yoshiyuki that tickles your motherhood?

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