‘One Piece’ The foreshadowing of the true identity of the ‘rubber fruit’ put into the frontispiece and SBS became a hot topic.

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The true identity of “rubber fruit” has been considered for a long time! ??

Speaking of Luffy in the popular manga “One Piece”, he is a person with the ability of “rubber fruit” that can stretch the body like rubber. However, in episode 1044 of “Weekly Shonen Jump”, released on March 28, 2022, it was discovered that “Rubber Gum Fruit” has “another name”. Moreover, many depictions that make you smell the actual name have been prepared for work for a long time, and many hints attract attention among fans. Here are some of them.

  • Please note that there are descriptions of scenes that have not yet been made into books or animations after this.

The newly discovered “Rubber Gum Fruit” is “Human Human Real Phantom Beast Species Model Nika”. Nika is a person who once fought with a body that has the properties of rubber itself and made people smile, also known as the “god of the sun” and the “warrior of liberation.” Furthermore, in work, it was said that the awakening of “Rubber Gum Fruit (Nika)” was “giving more strength and freedom to the rubber body” and “the most playful ability in the world”.

“Nika” is another name for the banyan tree (banyan tree). The banyan tree in the Maldives is a rubber tree called “Nika” in the Maldivian official language, Maldivian. Many fans were surprised, saying, “If I think it’s a retrofit setting, there is a connection between Nika and rubber and it trembles.”

Another topic gathering attention was the frontispiece of volume 58, episode 571. The illustration depicts a giant crab cutting Nami’s hair looking in the mirror. If it was suggested that “reflected in the mirror = reversed = read from the opposite”, that is, reading “crab” upside down would be “Nika”, it would be a rather elaborate hint. By the way, the same story is the time when the “Model Daibutsu” of “Human Human Phantom Beast Species” appeared. It is possible that the foreshadowing of “Nika”, which has something in common, was intentionally added to episode 571.

In addition, “Before SBS (Volume 65), Professor Eiichiro Oda said,” (Luffy) chose the most playful ability. ” Is it intentional to place the medaka mermaid “Nika” (one of the five children of the medaka mermaid at the “Mermaid Cafe” on Fish-Man Island) on top of Luffy? There were a series of voices looking back on the foreshadowing-like depictions. In the year of the 25th anniversary of the serialization, “ONE PIECE” is surprising because the detailed composition of the whole work is revealed again. Keep an eye on it from now on.

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